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Another Path

By sirethomas
First of a comming serie featuring peons....
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Very dark indeed. When I look at it, it reminds me of slavery. I don't know, that's my opinion.
dapejn's avatar
beautiful stuff, great perspective!
Very good use of shading and perspective. Excellent. *Thumbs Up*
Invisigoth100's avatar
Oooo scary. I like the differnt tones you've used here. Very nice and interesting idea - I dunno why this is so freaky tho - maybe it's cause it reminds me of a nightmare... hummm
Nat xxx
ikitikitembo's avatar
wow ive never seen anything like this before.....very creative...nice work!
chamunan's avatar
:) (Smile) That's nice. good shadings!!
borderline's avatar
nice drawing, I like it
lexipoo--oioi's avatar
this is the best thing i've seen all week.
thespinner's avatar
you have a very good sense of drama. It gives you a sense of reality even though it isn't photorealism. Sorta capturing the spirit of the situation.
soronius's avatar
That's really great. Definintely your best work. I really like the shading, and I like the minimalistic design of the "peons". +fav
tailzo's avatar
Awesome perspective effect!! Really cool shadings, in other words, great!
melocopter's avatar
nice concept. i am a sucker for this kind of stuff...
zuckerglider's avatar
Pawns and my soy sauce bottles battle it out on the chess board, lol, love the extreme depth! Aww
coldsilence's avatar
this is totally awsome!!!! :) (Smile)
hebblahebbla's avatar
Great concept, and it's very well done too.. Me likes! :) (Smile)
TDBK's avatar
WOW! This is cool..... Very interesting style! + FAV
dollseye's avatar
This is fantastic, it'd make a great book cover. Wish I could draw perspective this well...

Jess :) (Smile)
leafinsectman's avatar
Whoa!! Excellent work!! You got some mad skills!! Keep up the great work!!
elvaran's avatar
This is really well illustrated. The shading is excellent, as are the facial expressions. It sort of reminds me of ghosts or spirits, but I think that's mainly because of the spooky, (seemingly) endless background.

Great work.
pilzbury's avatar
i love this, great shading job

ledzepage's avatar
Dude this is so wicked. I would love to be able to this, its awesome man
akhrod's avatar
i love this work!!!!!!!!!!! shading and perspective are really great!
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>> humanity is wrong
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Very nice representation and wonderful shading. you did a nice job on this, Keep it up :) (Smile)
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ohh spooky love it!
[link] iv given up!!
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