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S T A T U S:


W I L L  &  W O N ' T D O

What I do:
Fanarts (depends on the series!)
✓ Crossovers
Shonen-ai, Shojo-Ai 
Animals (with some exceptions, especially snakes, I'm super scared of them >.< )

What I don't do:
Painting styles/ drawing styles other than my own
 Original characters you don't own (unless you have permission to use them), Disney characters
Porn, fetishes and anything too suggestive or explicit
Violence, gore, horror 
Clutter & overly complicated designs
Too complicated/weird poses
More than 4 characters in one piece
Traditional colorings

   ♦ I am not open for commissions of artworks that you're planning to use commercially (example: covers of books you're planning to sell). My commissioned artworks are for personal use only, which means you're not allowed to make profit in any way using them. 
   ♦ I don't do design work. So please don't ask me to design your character, attires, weapons etc. 
   ♦ I don't draw characters solely out of description (= only text and no visual references). This will only be considered in case of very simple designs. 

Don't hesitate to send me a note in case you have any questions regarding what I do and don't do!


* Prices are in USD! *

I. Digital Sketch

(done with a pencil-like brush, hard-brush or a semi-hard brush, the choice is up to you; simple shading; no coloring)

Bust $20 (+ Extra character: + $15 )
Half-body $30 (+ Extra character: + $20 )
Full-body $40 (+ Extra character: + $30 )
Hanzo sketch by SirensReverie

II. Colored Sketch

(sketch remains visible; simple coloring and shading)

Bust $35 (+ Extra character: + $25 )
Half-Body $45 (+ Extra character: + $35 )
Full-Body $55 (+ Extra character: + $45 )
-will be updated soon-

III. Digital Painting: Painterly Style

(brushwork often visible; semi-smooth blending; slightly wet edges; not a lot of attention paid to details)

Bust $45 (+ Extra character: + $30 )
Half-Body $55 (+ Extra character: + $40 ) 
Full-Body  $70 (+ Extra character: + $60 )
Nier Automata A2 by SirensReverie  Pharah - Overwatch by SirensReverie

IV. Digital Painting: Polished 

(advanced painterly style: painted and blended smoothly; clean coloring; attention to all details)

Bust $50 (+ Extra character: + $40 )
Half-Body $70 (+ Extra character: + $55 )
Full-Body $90 (+ Extra character: + $70 )
  Mercy - Overwatch by SirensReverie   [FANART] Symmetra by SirensReverie   Zack Fair by SirensReverie 

V. Animals, animal-like creatures, Pokemon, Digimon etc.

1) Simple designs (i.e Gengar): 
- Digital Sketch:  $15 (+ Extra character: + $10 )
- Colored Sketch: $25 (+ Extra character: + $15 )
- Digital Painting - Painterly style: $30 ( + Extra character: +$20 )
- Digital Painting - Polished: $35 (+ Extra character: + $25 )

2) Complicated designs
 - Digital Sketch:  $25 (+ Extra character: + $20 )
Colored Sketch: $30 (+ Extra character: + $30 )
- Digital Painting-Painterly style: $45 ( + Extra character: +$35)
- Digital Painting-Polished: $55 (+ Extra character: + $45)

VI. Simple Background 

(gradients & simple strokes of color; you can't order something specific, but you can decide on the colors you'd like in the background)

- free of charge-

VII. Detailed Background

(specific sceneries/environments you have in mind; price depends on complexity and difficulty; providing references can help reduce the price)

- Digital Sketch $10 - $40
- Colored Sketch: $20 - $50
 -Digital Painting/Painterly style: $30 - $60 
- Digital Painting/Polished: $30 - $70
[FANART] Symmetra by SirensReverie

(*The option "Extra Character" refers to adding more characters in a the same piece, like f.e. in case of a couple-art.) 
(* Manga-style commissions are no longer being offered. *)

H O W  T O  O R D E R

Please send me a note/pm stating that you'd like to order a Commission.  You'll find me here on deviantArt as well as on Gaia-Online(@ dim-serenity), Tumblr (@ sirensxreverie), Instagram (@ sirensxreverie) and Twitter (@ sirensxreverie), but it's recommended that you contact me on DeviantArt since this is where I'm most active. 

Please fill out the following form in your note/pm:
Subject/Character Name:
Username & Site:
Contact email: *optional
● Commission type: bust / half-body / full-body
● Style: Sketch / colored sketch / digital painting - painterly / digital painting - polished
● Character Description: ( info about the character(s), their personality, the mood you want them to be in etc. Also, what kind of atmosphere you'd like them to be in: colorful tones or rather dark ones etc. )
● Pose: ( do you have something specific in mind or should I decide myself? Pose references are welcome! )
● References: [very important!]
● Background: transparent/simple/detailed (if detailed: please describe and provide references)
● Comments: ( things you want me to pay special attention to, colors you don't like, ... anything! )

I'll reply and let you know if I accept the commission and how much it will cost.


PayPal only. I'll include my PayPal email in my reply.  
Prices are in USD.
Paypal fees are not included in the prices!

T E R M S  O F  S E R V I C E

▶ Full payment upfront is preferred. But if you're really uncomfortable with this, please tell me in the note & we'll discuss a different way.
PayPal fees are not included in the prices! They will be added to the final sum when you order.

▶ I don't do refunds, so please order responsibly. A full refund will be granted only if due to unexpected circumstances I'm unable to finish the piece.
My work process is the following: after I've received your order and the payment, I will first draw a simple, not overly detailed sketch, which I will then send to you before I start painting/coloring. You will be asked if there's any edits you'd like or if I can proceed to the next step (line-art, coloring). Editing the sketch and/or line-art won't be possible after I've received your agreement to start coloring. 
▶ The pose is designed by me, unless you specify. Which means I am being given full artistic freedom in choosing a pose if you don't have something specific in mind or some specific reference; in this case the pose can't be edited. I do my best to pick a pose that is interesting and matches the character's personality as much as possible.
▶ I draw and paint in my own style only. Don't ask me to imitate other styles, please.
▶ I hold the right to decline orders.
▶ I reserve the right to submit the artwork to any site of my liking
(the owner of the OC will be credited).
▶ The customer is allowed to edit the artwork I did for them and share it on the web, but crediting me for the original artwork is mandatory! 
▶ Commercial use and making profit out of my artworks is not allowed in any way.

Finished CMs can be found here.

Thank you!

© 2012 - 2024 SirensReverie
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Hmm~ If I'd want four characters together, possibly even with background, it'd be like $300 for the characters, maybe more since there are four of them, then there's the $70 for the background, right? xD -just noticed four characters is actually allowed- So there is a chance to have Dieter, Syel, Cass, and Ysera all together. Have the Founders of Helios' Ambition together. xD -crazy- I think I got some saving to do.