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July 25, 2021
Lithium by SireneArcana
Featured by Ellysiumn
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© 2021 SireneArcana
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Decay76's avatar

Love the dead eyes I have a hard time getting them right. Beautiful.

SireneArcana's avatar

Thank you so much for your comment :blackrose:

ReeseEdgel's avatar

love the black rose.

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Congratulations, your art has been winner of the Second week in August at PSD-Box PSD-Box.

Your art is featured all the week in the Group.

PSD Box Award
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Thank you very much :blackrose: I'm honoured!

tGABRIELt's avatar

The gate keeper reseliant decaying entity birthed from the big bang it appears in your dreams because you want them to what you call dreams to others nightmares your neither good nor evil you are natural law entropy... needs order- thermal dynamics you #3

1storyforu's avatar

It had always been a curse, at least in the eyes of those she held so dear.

A flaw. An imperfection that would never bare anything in life but pain and misery...

...until fate intervened.

The Princess was blind.

Blind from birth. A burden she carried with far greater ease than the malice and discontent of those who looked down upon her.

But time would show that Anna the blind, Anna the sightless Princess would be the one, the only one to see the signs of danger, notice the venomous evil that was to come...

SireneArcana's avatar

Thank you for the comment, such an interesting story :blackrose:

1storyforu's avatar

I'm glad that you liked it, your work is...


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Toranium's avatar

Gorgeous 💛💛 U’re a TRUE GOD. 💖 Plz check my artwork also 👋👋

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ReficulsLove's avatar

this is fuking ridiculously beautiful!

wakkure's avatar

The facial expressions on her and the realism are extraordinary. Such a magnificent work you have captured.

TimelessHalls's avatar

I heard lithium is no longer available on credit. :'(

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people say chuche john the apostel but notagain they cold archangel gabriel but not abunegorgoriose yelungale but not yalhonetune mehone yekebdalekeble degmo zerabiruck now abune echege yohannes

L-anti-poeide's avatar

chouette coiffure !

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