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April 3, 2010
Shadow and Flame by ~SirenD. I honestly whistled when I saw this. Absolutely breathtaking.
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Shadow and Flame

These creatures are believed to have fallen from the sky following the Great Solar Eclipse of the Inner World. Not many people have come across one and those who have were never heard of ever again. These creatures live in unexplored caves of mountain ridge of Tsukhaar. It is said that the creatures cannot exist without darkness or shadow and therefore are put into the evil category usually compared to vampires or other species despite of their believed alien heritage. The mountain people often mentioned creatures that fit Ignii description as masters of hypnotism. They speculated that many who never returned were memorized by the unusual magenta flames covering the centaur's body which made the victims not flee but do quite opposite of that...

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Whoa...That`s AWESOME!
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Wow..... this is just really awesome!!! The purple fire looks fantastic, and I love the design as a whole! :wow:
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This is amazing!
I love the flames. :D
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Did you handpaint the flames, or are they a texture? If they are handpainted, do you think you could maybe do a tutorial? Either way, this is absolutely beautiful. Amazing work.
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thank you for your kind words. The flames are a mix of both actually. I used a lot of photos of fire on a black background and played around with masks, color correction and transfer modes of the layers to get the effect. I will be doing a tutorial on my new art community website which will be launching soon. There will be a lot of tutorials there from different artists free and if anyone would like an unlmited access to all of them they would have a choice of getting a membership. Just follow me, I will send a global note to people whenever the website is ready!
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that purple fire is incredible.
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its half of that alien from alien vs preditor half horse right? anyway awsome i <3 demonic things and im a girl...its a bit strange but i dont care. i dont hurt anybody...
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ahhaha it looks that way although as i was painting it i did not have those things in mind at all. I guess a lot of times influences from other sources come out in our own art subconsciously without us even knowing it at first lol. Nah, that is not strange, just because you are a girl doesn't mean you should only like flowers, bunnies and pink things lol. THanks for the comment
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Nice work man
That, my friend, is an awesome concept. MORE! lol :)
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I am looking for submissions for a sci fi and fantasy showcase book featuring talented artists. If you are interested email me at

The faq and other information can be found at the bottom of the homepage for the book.
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Very well done. :D
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O.O I love that :D You don't see too many shadow creatures about. Nicely done. :D
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amazing ! very good job , this is somthing i would buy!
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You did the flames really well, I can say that in the least.
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holy...!how did you do that flame?
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