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The Merman and the Surfer ~ Mermaid's Cut


The first Book in Katy's saga is now available as a printed book on Amazon/Createspace:

To see  many of the illustrations from The "Merman and the Surfer" Books 1, 2 and now some of Book  3,look  in these folders:  

Click Here  and Click Here  and Click Here  and Click Here

If you read this story please pretend you are at a movie theater ~  that is, no skipping ahead or scanning for the high points ~ please. 

You can go backwards, though, to review if you wish.  :D

This is a redacted version, with the most erotic bits removed to satisfy dA requirements.  If you would like the unredacted, more erotic version please note me to arrange for me to send you a link to that version.

Book 2 in Katy's Saga can be read here:


Mature Content

Around the World in 580 Days ~ Mermaids Cut by sirenabonita

Many, many thanks to the following wonderful artists who worked with me to create original art to illustrate Katy's story; they are listed in order of first appearance:

Galsein           :icongalsein: Prologue # 1
TychyTamara   :icontychytamara: Prologue # 2, Page #'s 8, 11, 27, 40
Shlickcunny    :iconshlickcunny: Page #'s 1, 7, 73, 79, 83, 99
pin100           :iconpin100: Page #'s 16, 51, 71, 75, 81, 82, 95, 106, 108, Afterword #'s 1, 4
profdaredevil :iconprofdaredevil: Page #'s 21, 30
Reivash         :iconreivash: Page # 25
SweetPrank   :iconsweetprank: Page #'s 33, 37, 39, 41, 42, 45, 48, 59, 84, 88, 93, 94, 105, 107, Afterword # 12
Tigrsasha      :icontigrsasha: Page #'s 52, 89
Nippy13        :iconnippy13: Page # 61
fall1419        :iconfall1419: Page # 72
dimary          :icondimary: Page # 91

i created photomanipulations for these pages using the following stock resources:

sirenabonita :iconsirenabonita: Page # 17 and mysticmorning :iconmysticmorning:………………

sirenabonita :iconsirenabonita: Page # 62……

sirenabonita :iconsirenabonita: Page # 110, Afterword # 7……

other shutterstock images used:…………

© 2016 - 2022 sirenabonita
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Is it still possible to get a link to the unedited version? Enjoying the story so far!

sirenabonita's avatar

sent link to you in a private note ~

DontUWishIt's avatar

Your work is so beautiful; your enchanting prose and the artwork you've curated embrace each other gorgeously! :heart:

Mermaid-Katy's avatar

FREE flying hearts Icon Thank You Sooooo much for your kind words ~ we put our hearts into the books and even tho' I'm not a real writer we tried hard! I hope you will take a look at the next book, too, "Around the World in 580 Days"

DontUWishIt's avatar

💖💕💞😊 You are both talented and humble! Your passion shows 💖 Thank you so much for linking me Around the World in 580 Days, it is just as gorgeous!

Just asking, when will the book #3 be released?

sirenabonita's avatar

"the rise of the mermaids" or "our menage a trois" ?

After the book #2 , that have new character?

sirenabonita's avatar

The Rise of the Mermaids

I hope that the book will be complete by Christmas of this year ( 2021 )

Gemaah's avatar
A wonderful story Grace for the pleasant moments that I have spent reading it ^_^
sirenabonita's avatar
Mermaid Katy Icon by ChrisLittle / heclirood by sirenabonita you read my book??  :heart:  and you liked it??   thankyou-thankyou FREE flying hearts Icon

Mermaid Emote perhaps one day we can convince you that you should read "Around the World in 580 Days"
Gemaah's avatar

I'm on it. Even with time and with permission I could make a translation into the language of Cervantes ^^
sirenabonita's avatar
translating is a great deal of work!  what are your fees?

how do you consider and deal with the eccentricities of american english and California colloquialisms? :D
Gemaah's avatar
With a lot of time ^^
sirenabonita's avatar
:heart: if you do want to translate can we work together?
Gemaah's avatar

Of course. But I'll let you know. I would love for a work like this to be in Spanish, although I have to wait to finish other projects of mine ^^
jtw2306's avatar
A wonderful story...your creation an effort have made a different in this an the Alternate Friend..Mr. Spock  
Selirum's avatar
You made a huge work with writing the story and attraction of different artists to illustrate the book! I admire it and happy for you!!
sirenabonita's avatar
we wish that Katy's books were written in your language so that you could read ...
Selirum's avatar
I learning English and this autumn I like to read not so hard books in English, so perhabs I'll read Katy story in original :)
sirenabonita's avatar
we will be happy to help you with explanations and discussion of the books ~ Please read our books! FREE flying hearts Icon 
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