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If you want something from me, you're gonna have to wait a while.
Since the first one was a complete disaster, a new one had to be shown some light, and shown some new light. Some might remember the elliotfox24 as a hero or a dungus, but whatever you thought of that, I no longer give a tit.

This is where I post my art. From my most recent imagination into yours. Except don't steal them. Or recolor them. Or outline them. Or draw little mustaches on them. Ask me about that first.

*I am accepting commissions. Rules and guidelines are listed below. You might get something totally unexpected, probably 50x better than your own imagination (NOT guaranteed).

Hope I have fun and meet some artsy fartsy people here. Even if they happen to be furries, bronies, or weaboos.

  • Listening to: My computer fan
  • Reading: The screen
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: Life
  • Eating: Oxygen
  • Drinking: Oxygen