Your favourite 'Main Battle Tank'
230 votes
Leopard 2
Challenger 2
M1 Abrams
K2 Black Panther
Type 10
Others (mention it in comment)

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By Siregar3D
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My favorite is either the M1A2 Abrams, or the Leopard-2A4 with the Revolution upgrade. :D
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I chose Merkava, but I also really like the Abrams & Challenger. But the ones not on the list I really like include the Centurion, M60 Patton, T-62 & T-72.
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Oh, I forgot to add the Magach versions of the Pattons.

I rarely hear much about many of the other tanks in action.
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Aesthetically my favorite is the T-90 (well, it's the T-80 actually, but that one is quite outdated), but I have to vote for the latest versions of the Leopard 2: the best MBTs by far, in my opinion. :)
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I said "other" because I can't choose between the Challenger and the Merkava series.
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I'll go with the Merkava designs :D
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Amongst other things I'm a model maker, and I've been toying with the idea of a diorama of a Merkava outside a nightclub, with the pop-up headlights half down, and the crew dressed for clubbing rather than war.
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I choose Japan Type 10

The russian T-34 is not a MBT is a medium tank by the time specs
The German Tiger I and II are Heavy tanks by t he time specs, not MBTs
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Ah nevermind, didnt realized you voted for type 10 (others). Thought was the type 90.
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Yeah I voted on others.

What I meant my friend is that the question is about MBTs. My idea with that reply was to clarify that they are not MBTs.

Also, on the matter, my favourite WWII Heavy would be the Tiger II (Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B).[link]
Wich btw I'm happy to say that it's almost mine on World of Tanks.
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Pz VI Tiger! :)
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no love for the T-90? :D
Thanks for the vote btw!
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T-90 must win.
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Now its even with Abrams.
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But, T-90 looks more bad ass!
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Personally I gotta say the Lep 2. Due to its balance, the price, speed, armour and armament are a fine balance. The Abrams is a joke in my mind. While its fine and good against other tanks the second you bring in aerial weapons they become a money sink. An inexpensive 1000 pound guided bomb can make all that money and man hours in construction and training for nothing when you could have produced something for far less and in the end wasted alt less money you could have spent on other stuff. Not to mention I question its battle record as it had only ever fought outdated soviet monkey models. Merkava? A paper tiger at best. Only thing it has going for it is crew survivability. It is too heavy, cant be airlifted, sinks in mud and Hezbolla, A paramilitary organization not a state funded army managed to disable 10% of all deployed Merkavas in the last conflict with cheap Russian AT rockets.
I like the T-90, it is the pinnacle of Russian tank evolution, however it has only been used in one conflict against Georgia, and hell they may as well have been going to war with a bag of mice so its hard to compare it with a real battle record like the T-72, the Metal Monster of the worlds armies has seen more combat then any other tank on earth and is highly sought after even today.
The Type90 and K-2 seem solid. Being based on the Lep 2 it would seem they could hold their own. It also speaks in favor of the Lep 2.
But one of these is an unknown. The Type 99. It has yet to see battle, but it is modern and a sleek sexy looking tank with the nice new paint job. I do kinda hope it will get a chance to show its teeth some time, just so we will know if it is as good as it claims.
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gak dateng2 leo nya XD, tiap hari mampir kaskus cek threadnya haha
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kan emang masi tahap nego. apalg soal jumlah. pilihan satu2nya ya itu doang skrg ini.
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yah pengen tau aja endingnya.. harap2 aja dapet yg bagus :)
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pak leo 2 nya pak
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sudahlah ga.. busi vespanya masi banyak.. buat apa beli leo.. :icontrollfaceplz:
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