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Among broken things
She had swept and picked up the shop floor as best she could, scraping mud, dirt, and debris. Broken glass and countless dram of ruined merchandise made their way into a large wooden barrel that had once held her on-sale soaps and other random bargain items.
   She shivered. Deyri had donned her thick work coat, finding a hat. For all that spring was approaching the place felt cold. Far too cold.
   Swish swish. The broom swept and scraped, glass chinking as she found yet another small deposit that had been missed. Occasionally a waft of some essential oil or a terrible mix would come to her as she worked. Her home felt foreign, like a stranger wearing a mask painted to look like a familiar face. Numb fingers clutched the broom handle, then set it down. She paused, surveying the place with an almost unattached eye.
   It was...empty. There were still shelves and pots of a few struggling plants, still jars and empty bins, bookshelves that still had a few sa
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“A little more off of this side here” Sister Hummingbird tittered, leaning close to the stone and inspecting it with one wide eye and a grin “Even”
Sister Owl straightened slightly and twisted her neck to the side with a series of small cracks, then put the lopsided brick back onto the grinding stone, casting more water and sand beneath it and running the grey lump over the surface in long, smooth circles.
She said nothing, kneeling over her work on the ground, focused intently on the task that had put such a strain on her muscles and bones.
“We are close. I can feel it” Hummingbird picked up one of the smaller rocks from her pouch and held it aloft, gazing at the perfectly flat edges “Odd”
“What’s odd?”
“Nothing’s odd. Even”
Owl wrinkled her nose at her sister.
“What are you doing?”
“Hmm? Sitting here? Even”
Owl’s frown deepened.
“Even? Odd? Why?”
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An old bit of art that was hanging out in my hard drive. The folds in that jacket were fun.
A quick image test for an upcoming project.
A fun thing that showed up while working on a Sybal Heim project.

Because the Avatar universe was sorely lacking one armed, firebending gunslingers.
Just going through my hard drive and realizing there were some things that could see the light of day, sooooo here's some old sketches. Costumes and outfits were never a particular strength, so this was a fun exercise redesigning Tuku for a modern setting.

   ... Things will be better...It's only a shop, it can be repaired.
He told himself these hopeful tunes, grateful when the sound of shuffling glass inside distracted his inward thoughts. Someone was home.
    After the news the Newcomer had just received, he needed a friendly face; he needed to know everything was going to be okay again. That things could be normal.
    The door creaked as he walked in, knocking slightly on the disheveled frame. He gave a slight smile, expecting to see Deyri or Nadiya, but it fell back off his face when he saw Tuku cleaning alone. The sight of her made his heart sink back into his stomach.
    “Tuku! What are you doing out of the hospital? You look…”


    It didn’t matter. Cayo’s stammering said it all.

    The girl wore the same dark grey tunic and trousers she had worn in that quiet chamber in Heilig, clothes for hard work and hard truths. There were still faint bruises shadowing her face, and small scars on her arms and head. It was unclear if another reversion would erase those marks.

    But one change was permanent.

    Her braids were
gone. Her dark hair had been shorn, cut close to her skull. The air was cold where it shouldn’t be, and she felt uncomfortably light, ungrounded.
    The girl didn’t look up from her work, jerking back on the dustbin with another, painful grunt. The bin slid a few inches across the floor.

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Length: Short

Word count
3036 words 

Tuku ( Sirdubdub ), Cayo (fishkid28)


-Cayo gets more than he bargained for
-Sorry buddy
-No really Cayo I'm so sorry
-Gremlin kid strikes again




Artist | Varied
United States


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