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Illustrator Pony Vector Tutorial

By SirCxyrtyx
Eye Tutorial: [link]

Pen Tutorial: [link]
Color Guides: [link]
Original Screenshot: [link]
Final Vector: [link]
A speed draw of this pony: [link]

Inkscape tutorial for those of you who don't have Illustrator: [link]

Hope this helps people make pony vectors using the greatest vector program! If you are confused about anything at all, feel free to ask. There are no stupid questions.

Suggestions to help me improve this tutorial are of course welcome.

Update 2/24/12: Added a section for non-CS5 users.
Update 2/25/12: Clarified section on one-sided width changing.

This tutorial by ~Capt-Nemo goes more in-depth into the stroke-to-fill method of line adjustment. It also showcases a slightly different method for vectoring, so you might want to check it out.
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Hi, Could you please help me. I want to do picture book and also images need be double spread. How to do this by using illustrator ? I don't know how to arrange artboards for  "double spread illustrations".

Please help me ..... !
goose-feather's avatar
So I have my reference and the vector layer but how do I make the reference semi-transparent so I can see behind it?
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
you can adjust its opacity in the appearance panel if you want. The usual method is to put the reference behind the vector though.
goose-feather's avatar
I did put it behind the vector at first and everything worked perfectly but I have incredible problems with correct eye positioning and thus would like to not just reference but trace directly from the show picture. Now I either have to put the reference to less opacity so that I can see what I'm doing or the vector to less opacity. If I lower the opacity of the vector however it might screw up the already existing opacity. The opacity option in appearance does absolutely nothing and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I need help :D
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
Try using outline mode on the vector. It will reduce it to just the lines, with no strokes or fills. That's what I use to get the positioning correct. Hold option, and click the little eyeball in the layers panel next to the layer you have your vector in to turn on outline mode.
goose-feather's avatar
Ohhh! Yes, that works very well! Thank you so much! Will post my next vector here so you can see what I created using this tutorial :) I already created a batpony but I'm not 100% ok with it. Next time I'll know the trick :D
Gamaray89's avatar
Thanks so much it helps with the tapers
NeoInkCorner's avatar
THis works for CS6 as well?
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
SirenAnimations's avatar
Thanks this helps alot!
bro-tato's avatar
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how exactly do you get the face colors on a separate layer/path, without getting it to look like the ear is a separate piece? And how to "fill" it correctly, in a way.
IrdinaHaiza's avatar
Hmm,I'll look for basics and come back to this one later.
ritatheumbreon's avatar
Thanks so much for the tutorial, including the one with the eye! It helped me a bunch! :D
TheOnlyWolf100's avatar
One thing I'm really confused about with illustrator is what exactly to save the file as so it can be uploaded to DA and then downloaded for use by someone else, I mostly see all "download" options on vectors as just .png, but downloading that would just be a raster file, right? Soooo I'm just wondering what to save it as/how to have an option for people to download it for use in animations/etc.
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
I encourage people to upload a very large (at least 3000 by 3000 pixel) raster file as their submission because that's honestly what most people will want anyway. When you want to provide the vector file as well, you can upload the .ai file to, and then provide a link to it in the description of your piece. That's what I have done here. Another useful vector format is .svg, which can be viewed natively in any modern browser. Exporting an svg from Illustrator will occasionally introduce errors though, so it's generally best just to stick with the .ai file.
TheOnlyWolf100's avatar
Also, I've seen links for svg downloads, and since firefox in itself is an svg file viewer, it only opens the image in a new page (and you can't save the image from there)... how exactly do you download that so you can actually use the file in a project? (I've never actually made/used any vectors before xP )
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
You can right-click on the link to the svg and select "save link as".
TheOnlyWolf100's avatar
All right, thanks so much! ^-^ I can't tell you how long I've been googling these things to no avail! I'm hopeing to get started on a fluttershy vector I've sketched up, thanks again!
PandaWalrus's avatar
Hey, this all seems to be working for me but (and i know this might sound stupid) the colour picker wont let me pick a fill and a stroke colour at the same time, is there some setting i've messed up?
Linked problem here: [link]
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
Clicking on the fill and stroke colors will change which one is selected. (you can also press x) If you hold down shift while using the eyedropper tool, it will only change whichever one is currently selected.
PandaWalrus's avatar
:iconderpyplz: Just found out that i'm dumb, thanks for the tutorial anyway :
PandaWalrus's avatar
Aaannnd that's the last time i don't check a plz O.o I'll stop spamming now
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