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Illustrator Pony Magic Tutorial

:bulletgreen: Inkscape Magic Tutorial: [link] by :iconzutheskunk:
:bulletgreen: Photoshop Magic Tutorial: [link] by :iconpirill-poveniy:

:bulletgreen: Basic Illustrator Pony vector tutorial: [link]

:bulletgreen: Vector I used in this tutorial: [link]

If you are confused about anything at all, feel free to ask. There are no stupid questions.

Suggestions to help me improve this tutorial are of course welcome.
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GentleVixenGal135's avatar
Would this be able to be achieved by using any program with layers and blending options or does it need to be a vector program specifically?
vxvcore's avatar
you have a youtube channel?
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
Yes, although the only vector related thing I've ever posted is this:…
AndoAnimalia's avatar
In the paragraph that discusses about selecting the inner and outer magic shapes, where is the paragraph discussing how you also create an outer magic shape when you discussed about the inner magic shape? I don't understand this. :(
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
The outer magic shape is the one you drew yourself: "Draw an initial magic shape. You can rough it out with the pencil tool and refine it with the pen tool, or just trace one from an MLP screenshot."
primrosesponies's avatar
Which color should the magic be, the color of their eyes or the color of their cutie mark? Or just any color?
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
I believe it's usually the primary cutie mark color. But that's not a rule or anything.
Happy-Note's avatar
is there any possible way to do this on MS paint?
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
No. MS Paint is a raster graphics program. If you want to make vectors, you need a vector graphics program like Illustrator. Inkscape is a great free alternative.
Happy-Note's avatar
i learned a way to kind of make it on ms paint, but it does not look exactly like the show
illumnious's avatar
I'm using CC and CC 2014 I'll see if I could try ths
darkbladebrony's avatar
thank you very much i was looking all over for this
MLP-Silver-Quill's avatar
This a tremendous help and a lot more efficient than what I was using. Thank you!
andreavalentina991's avatar
thanks for this tutorial
CyanDream6v2's avatar
This work on Illustrator CS6?
Treiale's avatar
Very helpful, thank you! Creating magic has always been a bit tricky for me, but your solution looks much easier and nicer.
PTG-arts's avatar
is there a pony magic tutorial for SAI?
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
Not that I know of. All the tutorials in the description, as well as mine, are adaptations of :iconzutheskunk:'s technique to various vector programs. SAI is a raster program, so you'd probably use a rather different technique.
Kishmond's avatar
I finally got this to work, but it takes a really long time for anything that I've used blend on to render. Sometimes it freezes the program for a few seconds. It shouldn't be a memory problem; I have 16 GB of it.
Has anyone else noticed this? I'm using CS6 by the way.
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
In Options > Blend > Blend Options, you can change how smooth the blend is. The smoother the blend, the longer it takes to render. So if it's slowing you down, try making the blend less smooth while you're working on the piece, and then up the quality once you're ready to export an image.
Lost-Our-Dreams's avatar
I've just downloaded Illustrator for vectoring so I'm excited to test out what I learned from these tutorials :iconrainbowheartlaplz:
DJDavid98's avatar
I don't want to sound like a grammar nazi, but I found a misspelling here:
(how -> show)
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