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This is a project I've had in mind since I was involved with my high school reunion several months ago - a T-shirt design incorporating each Hogwarts House's mascot and color scheme in a way that is instantly identifiable to anyone who ever took high school gym class or played an intramural sport. I finally sat down to start it about two weeks ago and have done the "new" versions of the shirts; distressed versions to follow.

Hufflepuff's House colors are represented here by a black badger and type on a yellow field, Badgers proved not only to be difficult to draw for me, but also difficult to make look formidable... hopefully i got it right. :D Sketched in Adobe Photoshop CS4, finalized in Adobe Illustrator CS4. 6-10 hours.

Comments are welcome, as always!

Harry Potter and all related characters are property of J.K. Rowling.
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