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That's pretty nifty you guys!


Sorry I don't have a lot of time to vector right now but hopefully very soon!
Okay, I need to put some apparently unknown information out there, because every day I get comments that make me feel like a scumbag. The crux of this post is this:

I am not an artist.

I am not especially creative, or talented in creating visual art. Sometimes I can make a good wallpaper out of simple shapes. But that is beside the point. What I do is called "Vector Tracing" and it involved using a screenshot and as carefully as possible, replicating the details into an infinitely scaling format. My specialty is, (specifically with pony vectors) combining and compiling different screenshots into one image (i.e. Pony Fun). This format is handy for the creation of posters, wallpapers, etc. So I love when people use my images for compositions. But I just enjoy doing it. I don't take any pride in them, beyond looking at it and saying "Yes, I accurately interpreted and replicated the details to the highest degree." I know I'm not doing anything amazing. I don't deserve an award, or even the recognition I have. I feel pretty good when I see one of "my" creations get away from me and pop up in someone else's joke, or when i see someone using my album covers, but I know I can't expect recognition for those because it is not unique or new.

Some people look at the vectors and say "This screenshot could make a good reaction image." or "I quite liked this part of the episode." That's perfect, good on you.
Some people give me a lot of abuse about tracing. That's okay, I know what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

But the absolute worst thing a person can do, despite their good intentions, is compliment my ability to draw/create. Nothing makes me feel worse than seeing someone admiring me for something I did not and can not do.

Anyway, there are a few vectors of mine that had no tracing involved, but unless explicitly said so, at some point I traced part of it.

Thanks for reading.
She posted my vector. The one I was gonna have her sign at the convention. I'm really happy abut this.… <Tweet
PonyFun 2.0 by sircinnamon <My vector
Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! That's a lot. And I still have no idea how to celebrate.
It's approaching. And I don't know how to celebrate. If there was enough interest I would do a big livestream or something, so if that's something you'd be into let me know.

My original plan was to go to Calgary Expo and get Tara Strong to sign a print of PonyFun 2.0 by sircinnamon and post a photo of me holding it, with her. That fell through when the Expo sold out both days. Thats what I get for suddenly deciding to go.

Anyway, I'd love to hear what you guys thing would be a good 200 watchers celebration.

Also, my free time for vectoring is about to explode. Probably about double what it is now. So be ready.
Requests are officially closed. Less OC's now, more stuff straight from the show, or otherwise more of what I want to do.

Commissions will be dealt with individually. I won't be doing too many, but feel free to ask.

and plug time: The TTEoAP audiobook/radioplay/dramatic reading needs more voice actors, especially females. A lot of you are females. So uh... check it out:…
I'll be going away for a while on Thursday, and I won't be uploading anything during the break. This will be the first episode I've missed since the season began I think. Just apologizing in advance. I'll have a bunch of days off once I'm back so I'll make it up to you guys.
Because they are better than I am.

:iconandershedstrom: :iconmick-f18: :icontrips-ocho:

I shouldn't have more followers than them you guys.
You may have noticed the piece I just uploaded was commissioned. This is something I've been considering since I closed requests. (Side note: I will finish those don't worry). Taking commissions is a slippery slope to me just making things and hating myself. That's what happened with requests, and commissions can be worse because they come with an inherent obligation. To try and prevent any disappointment on either end, I will probably refuse a lot of commissions. If I don't like it, if I think it wont turn out well, or if I'm just too busy at the time, I'll say no. And I reserve the right to say no. But, qualifiers aside:

Feel free to send me a note or comment about commissions! We can discuss payment upon my judgement of the task, should I choose to accept it. Preferably don't ask right now.

Even making 2 bucks doing this stuff that I like to do anyway is wonderful, and I love all you guys for making it possible!

I was just informed that one of the stylized wallpapers made the EqD wallpaper compilation! This marks the first time something of mine has been on EqD!

Its right here:…

It's always nice to see something you put work into get enjoyed by a lot of people.

<3 you all. Especially you, new followers!
All in one place!

Twilight Sparkle Stylized by sircinnamon
Applejack Stylized by sircinnamon
Rarity Stylized by sircinnamon
Rarity Stylized 2 by sircinnamon
Fluttershy Stylized by sircinnamon
Fluttershy Stylized 2 by sircinnamon
Rainbow Dash Stylized by sircinnamon
Stylized Pinkie Pie by sircinnamon
Yeah my output of content has dropped significantly. There is a pretty valid reason however. Last semester I had a double spare first thing which meant I got about 2 hours in the morning to work on vectors, and then very little homework at night. This semester is not like that. Yet. I'm working on a way to free up more of my time to make stuff on here, I promise.

<3 you guys!
If you already filled out the form, but worry you were too late don't worry. The five minute thing was a joke. As long as the form page even exists requests can still be taken.

I got quite a bit less this time, but that was rather the point. I look forward to fulfilling everyone's requests!
For however long it takes to get so many that I go "Whoa oh shit close close close"

So like 5 minutes.

Please follow the rules to making requests from my previous journal! Have fuuuun!…
First off, sorry about the slow in my content, there was this... thing, a lot of people were depending on me, and I scraped by with a few shreds of sanity left. But that's on the past! On to actual information you care about.

Currently, there are 2 requests at the bottom of my form. I'm working on them and will likely be done them by Sunday at the latest. Here's what will happen after I post the last one.

The request form will be opened. For anywhere between 6 and 24 hours, or until I feel it is adequately full. Then it will be closed. Forever.

Requests have been interesting, and frankly good practice, but They've started slowing me down. I've been working on a backlog for like 2 months now. It's stopped being enjoyable. But I promised a few of you requests would be open again, so they will be.

-One request per person.
-Each request can be no more than one OC pony, or Two mushrooms.

If you break the rules, I'll take you off the list.

I'll make another journal when the form is open with a link.

Good day.
That's too many. Get the hell out of here.


I'm glad you guys like what I do! I hope I continue to improve until I am the best around and nothing can ever take me down. I'm pretty tired today.

Cinnamon by sircinnamon

Doctor Cinnamon by sircinnamon
That's getting close to the big 100, and people tend to celebrate that. So about a week ago I sat down for an hour or two and made my incredibly-special-super-secret-very-top™ vector. Which will be released when I hit 100. I can't promise amazement, but it's something I've wanted to do for a while.
Not including scraps, or the "Requests" title, I uploaded my 100th vector today. Derpy, plot up, implying some stuff that I don't want to get into. Derpy fun by sircinnamon

For anyone wondering the whole "fun" series is based on a fun little emote on r/mylittleandysonic1, and I thought it was a shame that it was only Twilight because you can do some silly stuff with it. So I swapped out hair, horns and wings where appropriate. Back to the 100 thing...

There are 99 vectors directly pony related and the TARDIS I did because of something pony related. So that means, each and every one of my 100 vectors is pony related. (I did a squirtle that I considered uploading, but.. why break the streak.) I have put uncountable hours into this profile, and I intend to put many more. I've enjoyed every second of it... Well that's a lie. I've suffered to put out somethings but that just makes my care all the more genuine right?

Here's to a hundred more,

Sir Cinnamon, esquire.
I used to write a little time capsule recap at the start of every year so I could place where I was the year before. I stopped doing that a couple years ago. I wish I hadn't, I'd be really interested to know where I was at the start of this year, since it was a pretty important one. The most drastic change being ponies, I suppose. Not something I thought I'd be into, but I guess everyone starts there. And then today I devote 6 hours to making these vectors. Strange strange stuff. It's weird how quickly time passes as you get older. I guess it's all about reference. Years ago a few months would have been a percentage of my life, and as that percentage goes down, so does the length they feel.

I'm rambling because I'm tired. And I'm going to keep rambling.

I've never really been into forums. It was never my thing to post with people about something constantly. Maybe it was the 'old' format. Signatures, avatars. Not my kind of thing. I got into 4chan because that wasn't the same, but you can't call that a community, nobody knows anyone. It was still pretty funny. Occasionally I'll pop back there and see what they're up too. I'm often disappointed. I suppose I latched on to reddit because it had the best of both. Funny people, segmented areas of interest, etc. I like it there but I don't really connect with any of them. Nobody knows me, I don't know anyone. All 'relationships' last one comment thread. Hmmm.

A few months ago I was told to watch My Little Pony. I'd been curious about it for a while, so I did. It was pretty good. I suppose I picked a good time, after I finished the last episode season 2 was only a few weeks off. I made my first vector because at the time it was how you had to earn flair on the /r/mylittlepony subreddit. It was an awful vector of Big Macintosh. I had essentially forgotten how to use illustrator. I used the paintbrush tool instead of the pen tool. About a day later I realized how retarded that was with Wrek's help. Now I'm a semi-popular vector artist. That's the next thing.

I don't remember how I found Through The Eyes. It must have been posted on reddit. I read up to the most recent chapter and thought it was pretty good. The only other fic I had read was cupcakes so the odds were in its favour. I looked at the most recent chapter at the time, 8 or 9, and saw that the only picture of Firewall was a pencilcrayon drawing by my (now good buddy) Ice Storm. I was like: "Hey! Firewall is basically a Big Mac with different hair! I already have a big mac vector. I'll make some (almost) original art!" I toojk one look at my big mac vector and scrapped it, seeing how terrible it was. Anyway, I made the pony and CardsLafter Put it on the fic. I think it was around this time I made a DeviantArt to organize all this stuff. Minor tangent: I've dropped often visiting on sites like 4chan and RoosterTeeth and picked up regularly visiting sites I despised, like DeviantArt and Tumblr. Anyway, Cards put my pic in his fic. No innuendo intended. So I made another. And another. And then the group was made on deviantart. And also wrek showed up and blew everyone else out of the water with his talent. Thus the art group was established.

There are 3 schools of the Through the eyes readers: The Equestria Daily bunch, The regular checkers, and the people like me who simply don't close the tab. ever. And frankly it isn't (entirely) out of love for the fic but I have a tendency to not close anything I think I might ever look at again. A few other people fell into this last category with me. They came to be known as Handcannon, DarrParrot and Blado. We all became friends and blah blah blah. Surprisingly, other than on opening nights we almost never speak of through the eyes. At least not as much as we speak of the author. Or the artists.

I feel regret that I wasnt in the community sooner. I feel like I missed an experience that will never happen again. The sort of expeditionary thrill of doing something undocumented and unheard of. I love to be in on the proverbial ground floor. But that cant happen all the time. one more paragraph about ponies then a final one about me.

My dreams are the kind that stick. They inspired a mushroom fad. They made me write a fanfiction. They have immense control over me. (Don't try to do inception on me.) Once I wrote the fic I figured "I've covered 2 forms of brony art, What else can I do? Can I do them all?" Without giving too much away, I've figured I can and will try to. Some may be already in progress.

This summer I went on a mission of self improvement. I worked out. I read more. I went out more. It was good, but it didn't last. I've started a similar mission. I've decided to objectively analyze all of my actions before I proceed with them, and decide if it's something I really want to do, and if it isn't, why am I doing it? Interesting results. Well, It's 2 am, and all I want to do is write in my time capsule envelope. Where is it...
Title takes care of that, I got a Bamboo Tablet so... I'm gonna be making some cool art hopefully! Not a lot of time to write but I thought you'd want to know!

EDIT: MY FIRST MASTERPIECE Very Inspired by sircinnamon