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October 30, 2010
The fresh Sunday-morning-like atmosphere in Dawn :MONONOKE by ~sirauo is so relaxing and captivating that I feel as though I could open my eyes and feel the murmur of the river and sakura trees surrounding me, the blueish mountains in the horizon and the flying birds in the sky... Definitely a fan artwork that will put your mind at ease with just a glance!
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Suggested by deerlordhunter
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This is a fan art of "MONONOKE".
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Spartan-RX-78-2's avatar

So beautiful, and the Medicine Seller deserved a longer series

ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
Nonesane's avatar
The low light effect here is gorgeous and the image feels vast, like I'm standing next to the Medicine Seller and looking out over the landscape. :+fav:
ingechan's avatar
if only medicine seller's life had been explained in the animé... but it's still amazing ^.^
this picture really calms me down for some reason... but it's pretty cool
DARaabe's avatar
What a beautiful sight^^and what a beautiful picture showing that sight. :) I just love that foggy dawn and the medicine seller standing under the blossoming tree. The picture has a very tranquil atmosphere to it. Beautiful work! :)
FullFORCESoldier's avatar
I wish there had been an episode where we saw what the Medicine Seller's life was like whenever he wasn't fighting Mononoke.
SarurunKamui's avatar
Definietly one of the most original Mononoke fan arts I've seen. Absolutely perfect. I just love the soft morning light.
CorgiFoxi's avatar
bit of a rest before traveling on. Love this guy he's so cool, and I like how you painted him and the scenery he's in.
Try-and-again's avatar
It just feels so calm.

I like it a lot. :)
KarinaThistle's avatar
It`s very beautiful!!!
LordMaru4U's avatar
This is soooooo Lovely!!!! love the mood and them, his expression is so warm even though the them is cool contrast. ^^ excellent work!!!
WillWorks's avatar
I like the blue tone :)
emma00's avatar
it reminded me of kung fu panda scene when panda was eating peaches from the tree reallly great work no words 4 it!!!!
HermitCrabStock's avatar
kibzy's avatar
this is .... beautiful :heart:
GURE1SU's avatar
really nice, great job :D
KN-KL's avatar
I don't know about "Mononoke", but I like it!♥
RamenWarrior's avatar
Gorgeous piece. The colors capture completely the emotion.
jy02053045's avatar
JArtN's avatar
I feel like I can see this picture all the time. Good job!
GranPaals's avatar
wo0ow is very nice the color blue waaa i love this image wo0ow excellent nice colors the light of a town waaaa 10/10
zeldo-kun's avatar
that's's really pretty o.o
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