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Photoshop - Painting Hair

The hair tut as requested. I hope it helps someone ^^ If you don't understand something TELL ME!!
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Thanks for it! It´s the first one, which give me the Feeling: Yes i can do it!  *lol Ty! :))
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Thank you so much. This really helped me :3
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I will surely try this! Thank You.
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thank you for making this! It's so incredibly useful!
This is beautiful.  Thank you.  Stunning results.

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Grat tutorial!
ur result is amazing,  but smudge trick is pretty slow...!
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Thank you so much for this! This really helped! It's awesome!
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This really helped me! Thank you!
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Thank you again
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very helpful! thank you so much for putting this together!
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Thanks you! I love this tutorial *_* If I succeed I add you link to done art in comment ;D
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Whoah thank you, that will help loads!
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daebak woahh i love you
THANKYOU SO MUCH<3 ilove youuuuuu whoever you are
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Thank you so much for sharing - I love it
But beyond what we feel and believe, there is much factual information about why art is important in our children's development that is both interesting and helpful to know. -Garrett Hoelscher

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May be to help sometime ;D Thanks XD
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I'm just starting out with photoshop and this was incredibly helpful. Thanks so much!
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hey, i just wanted to say: thank you for your helpful tutorial(: here is my result if you wanna see it(:
so, what do you think as a pro?(;
yay or nay(:
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hey you've done a very good job there! you could get a little bolder concerning the shadows but your painting's softness has also its very own qualities. However, i'm having two little tips: the upper lip is usually either darker or lighter than the lower lip or gets dark towards the inside(depending on the light source). Then you've a added a shadow on the left and right side of the nose's bridge but almost none on the left/right side of the nasal wings nor the cheek bones - such small inconsistencies can already be percieved as "something being off". btw: I'm very sorry for my very late reply! :/
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