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February 19, 2017
Awesomely atmospheric!
DC Comics - Catwoman by Siradze
Featured by pullingcandy
Suggested by lucytherescuedcat
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DC Comics - Catwoman

Fandom - DC Comics 
Character - Catwoman 
Cosplayer - Mellu
Photographer - Giorgy Siradze 
Assistants - Alexander Wolf & Adora Shandy
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© 2017 - 2021 Siradze
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Wow. Beautiful

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Hello! Your beautiful work has been featured here: My Daily Deviation Highlights 2017
Happy New Year! :heart:
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Very nice, But I would have liked to see more angles
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Smoking hot Catwoman, Spiderman in love baby!!
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I come to guess that whole batman thing worked in western popular popcorn-field probably due to
its BDSM-pornish costumes, leathers and all that adults-wearing costumes-thing.

Seemingly it worked on subconscious level one way or another. Hollywood shown us grown adults
wearing lots of rubber suits and playing with each other. Catwoman and Batman is still in popculture.

Scientist or socially conscious engineer who designs medical devices, surgeon instruments is not
perceived by today's culture as superhero, there is no films about them. People want to dress into
leathers and worship BDSM-mens and womens, not surgeons, engineers, scientists, mathematicians,
inventors, cross-disciplinarians.                  ...Why are we so week and low on energy for higher level
of knowledge-based creativity and high only on sextertainment low effort/time budget art Ahooooy Matey! ?
That is because we, North-Westerners en-masses are weak and drained, atomized, taxed and advertised
out of our critical, basic senses.

Great to acknowledge that for creation of such costume probably oil, fossil fuel elements were utilized
and used - a scarce element for which we are now waging wars (and getting taxed for as well), so 
weapons manufacturers can take good share of profits and incentives to continue bomb and destroy
brown, yellow and impoverished people, and rip-off working,credited western workers and students.

Leather is like great symbol of consumer's sex fetishism for wars (and taxes - those two come together, bro
and sis', and you know it well) supremacy, infinite desires cycle, oil and addiction to it, turned into sex religion
in western world.

Leather-dressed human is indeed playing cat-mouse game with a planet's resources and it's poorer
countries (probably while himself/herself being incapable to produce oil of any kind, capable only of
consuming fetishly. Like a virus Halfliquid )

For that, this image is very playful. Realized in quality-manner after all :)   It helps perpetuate needed
senses, popular unconsciousness, popular craze for found-to be-too-profitable endless oil resource wars
and infinite demands and wishes market and its growth.  Good job on that, fellow artist!

And don't worry about all that. Consequences of leather and oil addiction won't touch us, it will fall
upon some soon to be or already born next generation folks, not us. So we can mess up and dance upon
our addictions. Future childrens will clean everything up probably, don't they? Isn't that why they are 
being brought into life after all - continue our existence and our leather dress festivals (even
if they run out of oil too soon because of us (ups!) ?

P.S: (Don't worry, i am in that guilt pool as well. I use electricity, burned coal turned into kWh, that
i don't produce myself. Neither I know how to install solar panels myself for now, which i seek to
try change soon enough...)
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Sexiest cosplay ever.
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Beautiful. Catwoman's black leather catsuit is by far her best look.
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Congrats on the DD.
Marvelous cosplay and great shot! :)
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this Cat is smokin' hawt! :psychotic:
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If Catwoman existed in real life and had both your face and figure, I would totally be smittened~
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Well done! Congrats on the DD
Pretty sweet photo! Awesome job!
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Very nice homage!
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Amazing cosplay - one of the best catwoman cosplays I have ever seen. Congrats on the DD.
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How amazing cosplay :clap:
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Congratulations on your beautiful DD! Wonderful work! :love:
lucytherescuedcat's avatar
Congratulations on your beautiful DD! Wonderful work! :love:
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