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A bunch of manips of the mask :) a whole lot

- So when I posted Seductive Villain, the idea sprang on me to start fleshing out the pictures with some words. I figure, "Hey, I used to rp pretty well and had some good para's majority of the time, I've been published in the newspaper, I got A's in my English class. Why the hell not?"

And so now, I've decided to flesh out the descriptions of the Villain Faces. I have a few more newer ones [pictures] coming, but I'm going to wait until I get the descriptions for the ones I have now first, and then post new pictures. Its a little difficult for some right now because of the titles I gave them. Seductive Villain was easy to me, the others are a little difficult, but it should be fun. If anyone wants to help, let me know, you'll get credit and all'a'dat :D

So far there are only two with narratives and they are:
-Seductive Villain

More to come..
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I was taking Myspace mirror shots and putting them on dA before I had a Myspace, and possibly in the beginning of the mirror shot fad. I dunno...

Thats horrible? :(
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Couple new drawings coming up soon..:)
I'm proud of em.
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New photos...coming soon.
Might be bad, might be good....gummy bears in the studio.
Fuck em.
Since school has started back up, I plan to have more photo's coming up soon. The color photos were pictures I took with my own camera (Minolta X-700), but the film I had was color, and I had no where to develop(e?) them myself, so I would drop them off at places (Jones' Photo, Wal-Mart, etc.) I'll have more colored photos coming up soon (this weekend or earlier)

And I'll also have some black and white photos that I'd have printed in the darkrooms at school. I only have two right now. But hopefully I'll have two or three more tomorrow night for you all. Then maybe one on Friday.

But Friday I'm going out.

Idlewild ya'll. PJ & Rooster, holla at me shawty!!!
Shit load of art coming up soon?!

Why yes quite possibly sir.... quite possibly
Well its out ladies and gentlemen. 8 months of hard work, laughter, and frustration has come down to one magazine that I have helped to create. The youth publication - Voices Inc: 110 Degrees published their sixth issue today in the Arizona Daily Star. Its beeing sent out in each Arizona Daily Star newspaper. And Tucson, Arizona is a pretty big place...and the Daily Star IS the premiere newspaper for this lovely desert town. So a lot of people are going to be seeing my face, my pictures, and my words.. I'm thankful. If anyone wants to check alittle bit of my work and the awesome work of my friends, goto…

Its a beautiful thing knah'mean?

Now, to dA, I thought I'd clean up the cobwebs, do the spring clean thing and post some recent photo's I've took. I think they are awfully lovely. Arizona has nice trees and plants, so I hope you all enjoy.
Last couple of weeks boooooyyy! Too fun.. just too fun. The Pima County Fair was last week, almost got left behind cause I woke up two hours late on Monday (the day we load up the pigs)...but it was all good. Tuesday was show day, market. Got a nasty little red ribbon, then in showmanship I got a blue...then got on some rides...

Got on this Spaceship 2000, little ride that when you go inside, you're standing against the wall, then it starts spinning, and you can stick to the wall. And me being your's truly - had to turn upside down to impress a few on the opposite wall. And I lost my wallet. Luckily I got it back the next day (Friday).

Then there was the Fair Dance... and goooood lawd.. there was a dance off, c-walking, booty booty booty booty rocking err'where. Just good times. I'm glad my partner in crime Alfredo was there. IF he wasnt there, it just wouldnt had been as fun. Plus he was cheering me on during the auction since I was like dead last out of 257 kids that all had either a steer, or a pig, or a lamb..

He cheered me on cause last year (his senior year) he was dead last, and he got $3 per pound for a 230-40 some pound pig...which is pretty nice. This year, I got $3.75 for a 231lb pig, which equals out to $860 some dollars. Add a few cents, what'chu know..

But then they gotta take out pig costs, loan...all that crap. So I'll prolly get a nice little 4-5 hundred (hopefully)... we'll see though. Now I'm back at school, behind on math work, which is alright.

Next week I get my license, finally. I'm ready. I already got my tracks layed out. Already knowing what cd's I wanna bump as I leave the school parking lot. Parking lot pimp for a few seconds, cause its hectic getting out of Amphi when that last bell rings.

I can only pray that while driving the lovely manual gear car I have, I shall not stall out infront of those who eye me.. lol

L.I.G - Life is Good
       Well, two weeks ago (maybe even three) my mom left to Lexington, Kentucky (hometown, heads up) because her father was having serious health problems, and his immediate family had called to tell us that he only had a few days of life left because he had been diagnosed of having cancer throughout his body and bones.
        Throughout that first week mom was there, she would call and let us know how he was feeling. Some days he'd be up and looking lively, then the next day we were told he'd only have 24 hours left to live. So a few plans had been made to were that my step-father Marvin and I would drive to Lexington for the funeral, and then drive back with mom.
        But in the end Marvin had left instead, while I stayed here in Arizona. I couldnt afford to miss work and more days of school (I had already missed a few this semester).
        So Sis was my driver now. She picked me up from the house at 7am, and then would pick me up from work. Now we get out of the office at 6:00 exact. But there were a lot of times when Sis would come at about 7:30 - 9:00. So there was a lot of waiting downtown. To understand more of this time frame, I live atleast 12+ miles up north away from town, in almost a whole different city. Thats a long walk in the park.
         So when Sis picked me up, I'd go to her house for about 6 hours. She works the night shift from 1:00am - 7am. So she'd drop me off at my house at about 11:45-12:15 or so. Then I'd have alittle time to stay up, check email if I needed, play some games, take a shower and go to sleep.
         Now Im not complaining about my sleep schedule, though I know I need more of it, I never really was that tired the next day. I think in a way... I dunno, Im just not really that tired the next day at school. But I still made it home pretty damn early in the morning, only to wake up at 7 am again and again.

         Thursday night, I didnt come home until four am. I just stayed at Sis' house a tad bit longer this time. That was all. No big deal really. I enjoy spending time with my older sister. I hardly ever see her unless we plan going out. Me and Sis always have great times together. Plus she has a fun Tabby/Calico mix named Bobby.
           Friday, I thought I had to be at the Land Lab (a farm in the city pretty much) at 8:00 at night for a Livestock Clinic, but infact it was 8 in the morning I had to be there. So I left school after my 0 hour, and went to the Lab... stayed there all day, atleast until 5:30. After I fed my pig, I left to the house, got clean changed clothes and went around the block to a friends suprise birthday party.
           The party was small but fun, many jokes got cracked and a lot of bodies got cold from playing volleyball at 10:00 at night. I ended up staying til about 3 in the morn. Once I started falling asleep I said my goodbyes, and wished the birthday girl another happy birthday. I came home to my humble abode and basically just fell asleep as I fell on the bed.

           So there you have it. MY week right there. Thank God for the weekend
(as of Oct 24)

I gots a job, working for a youth newspaper/magazine called Voices 110

(ok now present day)

(this though I got the car back in September for a birthday present)
I have a car that I drive illegally...Its a 1991, white Toyota Celica...two door with a nice little amp in the back.. I just cant help it.

Im getting my permit today anways, so my illegality is done.

I get paid Monday

I need to redo my hair.

Life is great, but Im missing two key people

Make it three

I hope when I get to school Monday, I can hit up the dark room one time for ya mind and get out some very good pictures of that cute girl I took a picture of Thursday.
Today is my 1000+ day!!! on , I hit over 1000 posts. And now on here, I hit over 1000 pageviews ^__________________^ ^^; I miss icechaitea... I hate that she left, but she does what she's gotta do. I'am glad to finally talk to Kayla/Duchess cause I gotts to talk to her every late night past my bedtime.

Im still loathing and being lazy. School is here so Im just going to comment and what not until my photography class gives us cameras to work with.
Im in Intro to Photography this year. I'am very green at this subject. But I really want to be able to put some good stuff up this school year on dA. So hopefully I'll get the hang of it and catch on pretty quick. Im already cool with the teacher, I met him last year [Bevington!] through photo club [which I didnt stay in long].

Pray for me loves. I do believe... I shall need the help.

[1:26 am. "Jump On It" - SirMixALot. This song reminds me of Champs Rollerdrome back in Lexington Ky. Palumbo Drive]
To Deviant Art, 5 years old. -Pats-
Ya'll know what to do Im sure....
Brother leaves for two days and hell explodes from the earth. Jark is gone, the site is all different. 2+2 = 5 now! >_< what the hell?! The majority community has gone insane. They burning houses down and tee-peeing the trees and houses, I mean my god...where is my shotgun baby? I feel for Jark. Though I really never knew him or any of the moderators and higher people until five minutes ago when I read spyed's journal and jark's journal. And because of that, Im just going to watch what happens. I can only hope people read both journals. Especially Jark's. ONLY for the simple statement that we must stay focus.

...Vegas was fun by the way.

Devious Journal Entry

Sun Jun 12, 2005, 9:44 AM
Lemme look, lemme look!

Just had to try this journal thing out before my time runs out. Hopefully if my FFA advisor calls to let me know our checks are in, I can get me a few hundred and subscribe for a year.

I hope all my friends on here are doing ok, you all are the best. Always remember, dont hate participate... you can always tune a piano, but cha cant tuna fish...wu tang clan aint nothin to fuck wit.

I'll see ya'll next week....READ MY POEMS! >_< lol jk

you be a fool to reply you dont know who I am
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I've finally catched up on some movies that I have and that I've been wanting to see. I've seen Amelie for the umpteenth time. I watched Collateral (Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx) and I watched Traffic (numerous players in that film, twas reeeal good). And right now Im watching Cabin Fever... movie is crazy as hell. Bit gross but crazy. Other than movies  I've been all over town. High rollin, card dealin, kiss stealin, limousin driving.. all'a dat. Mr. All'a Dat. I went to a lot of parties this week. Both of them graduation parties for my senior friends. First was Alfredo's, a lot of parkin on the dance floor. Y'know the drill. That was really fun, my heart started tearing out towards the end. Im thinking of thinking what I did about a month ago...that party was uh, Friday. And then I went to Andrew's party the next day... feelings still acting up but its all good in a small hood. Everything was fun, nothing like dancing all night and then play video games all night the next. And now watching this freaky ass movie. Greatness.

As far as deviations go, as you can see they are very scarce. Though, do not fear. Since Im out of school, Im'a have more time to draw and look for a new program to manipulate you all's lovely pictures. If anyone has any suggestions as to where I could find some (free) programs that are useful for manipulations, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate free trial of photoshop is almost up.

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Leather in the summer, silk in the winter...this is such an art. Where do I beginner?

Tight song... Sleepy Brown feat. OutKast. But uh, while you think about that. IF... IIIFFF you would like to take a quiz about the lovely your's truly. Here is one, 10 questions. Enjoy

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Just hit that uh, 600 pageviews. Thanks all... ya'll sure do take a long time to look at a dudes stuff. But I love ya'll... muchas gracias.