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Ali-ween: Grief
"Murderer!" the woman shouted. "Let me see that murderer!"
Ali leaned over the desk in Greenhome Colony's main Civil Protection office, looking at the image of the ranting, middle-aged human female on the display screen, locked in the building's holding tank. "Where did she come from?" she asked the CP commander beside her.
"She arrived three days ago on a tourist ship that landed at Shore Town," the commander, a foxen like herself, told her. "The next day she took a commuter flight to Greenholme Capitol. She was arrested this morning, after attempting to bribe a clerk at the General Products store into allowing her to purchase an unlicensed plasma pistol. When questioned by the arresting officer, her reason was, I quote, 'So I can kill that little black and white monster of a pirate,' end quote." The commander gave Ali an apologetic shrug. "When she said that, I figured she could only be talking about you. Sorry."
"Well, the description is fair," Ali admitted, sitting back in a
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Mature content
Ali-ween: Wardrobe Malfunction :iconsir-talen:Sir-Talen 3 3
Ali-ween: Parking Violations of the Red Vixen
"You want me, to watch your boys?" Alinadar asked her cousin Karra. It was a perfectly innocent request. Ali knew. Actually, it was a measure of great trust, especially after the… incident that had occured when she'd first met the two cublings.
"I know it's a bit of an imposition," Karra said. "Coming to Greenholme to visit with you and Lady Sallivera has been really wonderful, but Fin and I need just a day to ourselves, in private. Just for a little, er, romance."
"Boys staying up too late?" Ali guessed.
"Yes," Karra grumbled. Her expression softened as she saw Ali's concern. "I know you still must kicking yourself a bit after what happened when you first met our family, but I know you would never consciously hurt Nav or Ned."
"They wouldn't be scared around me?" Ali asked. When she'd first met the two boys, her PTSD had been triggered by them playing with plastic toy plasma pistols. She'd ended up pulling out her own very real weapon and nearly stunned them
:iconsir-talen:Sir-Talen 2 7
Brent's Book
Lyra leaned over Brent's shoulder, looking at the illustration opposite the page he was reading. "No woman warrior has ever dressed like that," she noted with a grin.
"It's just a story," he mumbled, hunching down over the book.
"That bikini doesn't qualify as armor either. I figure it's a race between her being gutted, or catching pneumonia."
"Could you let me finish this, please?"
"Finish? You've been reading that same page for the last ten minutes."
"I know that!" Brent snapped.
"LYRA!" Orrig growled from across the common room.
"Let Brent read book. Qvietly."
The elf turned from the orc bred male and stormed off towards the bar, muttering as she passed Thistle, "I bet you've got better taste in reading."
The mage's blue eyes looked up at Lyra from behind her ever present hood, making her pause. It wasn't Thistle's usual expression of quiet deference, or worry. It reminded Lyra more of the first time they'd met, when she'd ang
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Ali-ween: Gunshy
It was the same dream. She was ten years old again, growing too large to squirm through a ship's ventilation system, but still small enough that Sgt. Jack kept pushing her in. Fahdah had been transferred to one of the other ships in Bloody Margo's fleet, after trying to argue with Sgt. Jack one too many times using the young vixen. Her heart pounded from the injection of combat drugs, her breath feeling moist and clammy in the filter mask covering her muzzle, so she wouldn't breath in too much dust.
"Hurry it up, Ali-Kat!" Sgt. Jack snarled into her earpiece. "These stupid creweys have got themselves a power armor set, and they're givin' us trouble. We need the ship's vault secured so we got some leverage on 'em.
"Yessir," Ali mumbled into her com, as she continued to shove herself awkwardly forward in the vent shaft. She could hear the thump of plasma bolts hitting the inner hull as the crew of the Relentless pushed forward against the freighter's defenses. Most ships gave up w
:iconsir-talen:Sir-Talen 1 3
Ali-ween: The Red Honeymoon
"I think you need a bath, Ali," Salli had told her gently. They'd been working out together this morning, running through isometric exercises and basic katas, and had worked up a nice sweat. Salli had already had a shower, using the sybaritic bathroom in Lady Melanie's private retreat in orbit around White Light, a human luxury world. Which had disappointed Ali a little, because Salli's scent was pretty intoxicating to start with for her, and even better after hard workout.
"We're all alone up here," Ali pointed out. "Who cares?" Lady Melanie had loaned them the station for their honeymoon, on the wise assumption that the marriage of a high ranking noblevixen (Salli) to a dirt low ex-pirate commoner (her) was going to attract reporters like nectar to builder bugs. So for the past three days it had just been Ali, Salli, and a discreet station maintenance AI aboard, and the newschannels locked out of the station's com system.
"Don't get me wrong, I like your scent, but I also like a litt
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Final Resting Place
"Are you sure about this one, Veg?" I asked. Virginia glared at me from across the planning table, the topography map of the Northeast Remains on the table between us, yellowed printouts from the Archive, the old ink barely legible, laid like oversized playing cards on top it. Outside, through the open window, I could hear oxen braying as their teamsters urged them forward, drawing plows to dig out the canal leading to New Ellicott. Progress, and it would help the community grow, though it wouldn't be finished in my lifetime. Fifty miles is a long way to dig without Old World tools, even with Hopetown's resources.
"I'm sure, Mike," she replied, running her hand through the tight curls of her closely cropped black hair. Veg looked harried, as if she hadn't been sleeping much. I couldn't blame her, if the find was as good as she claimed.
"You were sure about the Columbia dig," I pointed out. "Eight months and about a thousand coin we put into that one, and in the end all we found was scr
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FYS: Desert Bus
"What's the matter, Master?" Anna asked Khan. Her tigermorph lover was standing in front of a display screen, showing two score humans in full VR headsets and suits, sitting in not terribly comfortable looking seats in rows of four seats with an aisle going up the middle, inclosed in a long sealed rectangular room. A sub-screen showed the game environment from the POV of one of the participants, showing them seated in a cramped mid-20th century long haul bus, traveling down a straight black asphalt road through a nearly featureless desert.
"I am attempting to figure out the point of this… one can barely call it a game," Khan said, his face scrunched in bemusement.
"Oh, you've never heard of Desert Bus?" Anna asked.
Khan's withering gaze turned towards her. "Desert Bus, created for the unreleased video game compilation Smoke and Mirrors, with the assistance of the comedy magician team of Penn & Teller," he recited. "The goal being to drive a passenger bus at e
:iconsir-talen:Sir-Talen 2 0
Mature content
FYS: Intervention :iconsir-talen:Sir-Talen 2 2
RVA: Mira Starpelt for GURPS
Background: Mira is a Foxen commoner who was born on Terra and reared in space aboard a large merchant vessel owned by a Terran corporation. The only Foxen family among the crew, Mira's father (long estranged from his relatives on Foxen Prime) grew to embrace Terran cultural attitudes while her mother rejected them. The strain on their relationship eventually reached a breaking point, and when Mira was four, her mother took her into an airlock and jettisoned the both of them. Mira's bracelet caught on the airlock door, allowing her to be rescued, but not before the rapid depressurization left her blinded.
The loss of her sight presented challenges, but didn't slow her down. Showing an natural aptitude for engineering, she soon became an unofficial apprentice to the chief Engineer, performing tasks in all the cramped spaces of the vessel, diagnosing problems through touch, sound, and scent. In her free time, she tinkered, inventing tools and jury-rigging prosthesis to make up for
:iconsir-talen:Sir-Talen 2 12
RVA: Ali vs. Hydragon
"Aunt Ali, are you okay?" Moni asked, her eyes widening in surprise. She'd seen Aunt Ali happy, laughing, and cheerful. She'd seen Aunt Ali excited on more than one occasion. She'd never seen her youngest aunt almost vibrating with barely contained glee.
"It's Hydragon," Aunt Ali whispered, her golden eyes wide with excitment, looking up at the hundred meter high mechanical construct surrounded by a cage of scaffolding, as workers with gravity cranes applied the outer coating of pseudoskin scales.
"It's just a robot," Moni countered. "I mean yeah, it's a big robot, but it's still just a..."
"It's Hydragon," Aunt Ali interrupted. "A real, life size Hydragon, right here on Greenholme." She hopped up and down on her footpads briefly, ears totally erect, paws clasped together as she out a little eeeeeee sound.
"Should I leave you two alone?" Moni asked. Unsurprisingly given her aunt's current state, the sarcasm went right over Ali's ears.
"It's Hydragon!
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The Martian: The Earthling, Part Two
January 3rd, 2038
Bit of a sad day. All of the crew got sprung from the Recovery Center today, except me. I'll be on my own for another five days while I finish my recovery and rehabilitation. Commander Lewis and the rest of the crew talked about sticking around so I wouldn't be on my own, but I told them not to be stupid. They've been away from their families for nearly three years, and it's not like I can't see Mom and Dad every day while they hang out in Florida with me.
Vogel especially had to get out of here. His mom is still alive for now, barely, but she's in a coma. If the Hermes hadn't made the Rich Purnell Maneuver, they would have made it home in plenty of time for him to see her before she lost consciousness, and she might still have been able to recognize him. (Of course I'd be, y'know, dead). We all could see him trying to keep up the stoic German thing while we were being checked out by the doctors, but I knew he was in agony about it.
At least Ramir
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Califurnia Dreaming, Part Seven
Judy didn't mention her conversation with Raymond to Nick after he woke up. She told herself that it was a private conversation with a potential suspect, and Nick wasn't supposed to be involved with the case. Also it wasn't like he needed to stress out more about this.
So they spent the weekend in, binging on the latest season of Vulptron, playing video games, and indulging in grooming. Since their relationship had become physical in the past few months, Judy had found it was easy to remove Nick's spine just with a tail brush and some stroking. Foxes might not be pack mammals like bunnies, but they still craved touch. Judy suspected that Nick had been fairly starved for it during his hustling years. He could spend hours curled up with her on the couch, not even doing anything, just enjoying the warmth of her body and her comforting scent.
The matter of the body found in the harbor had remained a taboo subject for conversation, by mutual agreement. Judy was careful not to even tu
:iconsir-talen:Sir-Talen 2 4
RVA: GURPS Wazagans 2.0
The Wazagans' homeworld was discovered by the Human exploration vessel Columbia almost six hundred years ago. As the first world with sentient life that had been discovered by humanity, it was the focus of much excitement by the survey team.  
The survey team found a race that was gregarious, friendly, and remarkably open-minded about being visited by strangers from the stars.  The wazagans (they were named by a Muslim member of the expedition, after the Arabic word for "lizard") had a general Socio-Tech rating of Five (Early Industrial Age in human terms), and were extremely eager to learn about their visitors from another world. How eager would soon become clear.
Despite the best efforts of the survey team to deny that they were divine beings, the Neuter Priesthood, leaders of the major Wazagan faith, had other ideas. At the time Wazagan religion celebrated a wide pantheon of gods, related to agriculture, fertility, the care of eggs, and so forth. U
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Mature content
The Martian: The Earthling, Part One :iconsir-talen:Sir-Talen 0 0
RVA: GURPS Campaign Setting
Basic Concept: The PC's are adventurers responding to a request by Lady Sallivera Darktail, Governor General of the Foxen colony of Greenholme. Their assignment is to survey the eastern coast of Continent Two, in advance of the arrival of Blue Seas Resort's development team. The PC's will survey plants and animals to make sure there is nothing dangerous that might delay development, and also search for hidden caches that might have been left behind by Bloody Margo during her twenty or so years of ownership of the planet.
Suggested PC Starting Points: 200 pts.
Campaign Tech Level: Overall TL 9 (see the Technology page for exceptions).
Equipment: Up to Legality Class 3 weapons and equipment are available.
Characters: Available races include Human, Foxen, Gliten, or Wazagan. Kinis PC's are possible but not recommended, as they'd require special life support gear to be comfortable in warm temperatures.
Skills: Wilderness environment skills would be
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Seriously, if you're over 18 and a citizen of the United States, you can get a FREE STICKER today!! Go ahead and try it!


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