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April 23, 2009
It's so nice when we pass by a clever and well made logo, such as I Hate YOU by ~Sir-SiriX. This is the true power of typography: we always can play with the words and reach to a clean, pleasant and very funny result. An awesome concept to be praised!
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I Hate YOU

Good news for all who want buy t-shirt with my print "I Hate You"!!! Now you can buy this on "MySoti": [link]

PRICE: $14.49

PS: Made in Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop CS3
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I'm Getting Mixed Signals Here.
XPhantom-Star-SkullX's avatar
Very clever! I should show this to my coworker!
enjoi-3's avatar
ohhhhh shhoooot nice. looks like the heart i did  hahahahahjust straight
Sir-SiriX's avatar
You just used my idea without my permission, nothing interesting.
SrMoonlight's avatar
Grossinho a beça
WingDiamond's avatar
:sing: I ... I ... I Fukken Hate You.  Wished it wasn't so But I Hate You!

I .. I ... I Love You!  I know whut I said but now I love you!…

dis is the "un:censored:" version!…
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Stop trolling already...
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As a student currently in my second year of GD study.

That is freaking awesome!

I was legit going cool I love you too!

Then I looked closer


*r.i.p. Heart*
Hello there I admire your logo work.

Im intererested in an artist to create my blog website logo.

Johan562's avatar
haha genius 
Esepibe's avatar
Hahaha! Clever idea for a T-shirt!
ChesterNi's avatar
I think this is famous now. I'm pretty sure I've seen it on somebody's t-shirt in Shanghai, China. This is pure genius.
fishofglass's avatar
brainbow97's avatar
Haha lol. This is so
confused X-)
ps: 555th comment 😁
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this is really good i like the idea when you could use this to send on hangouts to troll your friends!
smart thinking
ShaozChampion's avatar
this is ingenious =3 I'd buy this shirt ^^

Congrats on your DD ^^
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