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This is kind of a spoiler, so don't read any further.

Tommen gets kittens! And a dead brother. Win-win. Also I guess he gets to be king sort of.

Tommen has lost almost as many family members as Sansa. Maybe that's something they could bond over. Actually he's lost more, now that I think about it. Wait...maybe the same. It's hard to say without definitive deaths. Whatever. He's got three kittens. Tommen Three-kittens they'll call him. I threw in a Balerion for fun as he is a fun thing.
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Apparently, there are stories and rumours about him warging into cats.
It matters not. This is just adorable! :D
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D'awww, you just know he's going to die a horrible death.
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I like Tommen and Myrcella. Alongside Tyrion (and perhaps Jaime) they are the decent Lannisters. And Tommen is just a sweet, good boy.
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This is one of the cutest goddamn things I've ever seen in my life.
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Hope he gets to meet Robert Arryn.  If anybody can teach Sweet Robin how to be a decent human being, it's gotta be him.
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Truly a sweet little boy he is.
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Kittenz!!!!! <3
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Your picture is on the Fire and Ice wiki…
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Alright so I think this may be my favorite illustration you've done. Not for any good reason, just because it's so ridiculously adorable and reminiscent of Brendan. Featured you here,…, clearly.
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I'll just have to start drawing things from other fandoms you're into! Thank you so much for featuring me. You guys do such good work!
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YOU do! 

Alright, well you better get some Breaking Bad illustrations coming down the pipeline! Would you be interested in doing a short interview on Skype for our final week of wrap-up?
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Say whaaaaaaaa!? an interview whoa. Um. Yes I guess. Note me.
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I like Tommen and Myrcella, I'd be depressed if they got killed off...

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"And every Human died, and the Others threw a massive party after they got their land back, and the snow remained on the ground, forever. The End." George R. R. Martin, A Dream of Spring

Just kidding, but I can seriously see his series going there.

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Probably not. Martin already said that its going to be a bittersweet ending. Some of the "good" characters will have a happy-ish ending, but most of them are probably screwed.
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Which probably means Rickon will be Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, though most of his family is dead (I can see Sansa getting offed.) Arya is a bitter assassin, robbed of vengence and now accepting whatever contract coming her way. Bran will most likely remain north of the wall as a new greenseeing tree. Most of the Realm will probably be devestated after the War of the Five Kings and the war with the Others, and both the Targaryen and Baratheon dynasties will be wiped out (except if Gendry/Edric becomes King on the Iron Throne.) But then again, GRRM likes the unexpected.
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