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Sand Snakes



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The eight bastard daughters of Oberyn Martell the Red Viper of Dorne. They're a fan favorite, not mine personally, but to each his own.

Obara Sand, Oberyn's oldest, and beefiest daughter. She inherited his warrior's spirit. She wields a spear and a whip, presumably only one at a time. Maybe she attaches the whip to the spear and spearwhips people to death. Spearwhip™.

Nymeria Sand is Oberyn's second daughter. Also known as Lady Nym. Also known as Mad Madame Nym. She inherited his charm and beauty. And probably his legendary ability to get freaky.

Tyene Sand inherited her father's penchant for poison, as well as his venomous biting wit. All in all the short end of the snake. She's also treacherous, which in this saga is like saying she breaths oxygen.

Sarella Sand inherited hisssssss desire to freak out the squares. Hiss.

He has four younger daughters, named Elia, Obella, Dorea and Loreza. Pick whichever ones you want to assign the names to they're totally interchangeable.

I am what you'd call not happy with how this turned out but...I just had to say goodbye to it. I don't find the Sand Snakes particularly inspiring to be honest, and I think this reflects that. I took my best shot though.
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Lady Nym is SEXY! Perfect. And Elia aint interchangeable no more. She is a maid of four and ten, called LADY LANCE