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This is a vaguely "Usual Suspects" kinda thing which is such a lame framing device...but I did it. Joe Abercrombie is a great character writer, very inspiring indeed. Not much of a fandom for him but, it'll pick up. With time. Anyway, here's some of my favorite Northmen.

Curnden Craw is an old, bandy-kneed, out of breath, old school old fighter. He commands a "dozen" consisting of six dudes. He's sort of an "every time I think I'm out...they pulllll me back in.." mixed with a little "I'm too old for this shyiiiiit" with a dash of "I've got a baaaad feeling about this..."

Whirrun of Bligh, or Cracknut Whirrun is sort of a stand-out character from "The Heroes". He's the kind of flippant, loopy warrior type that everyone loves. Like that Irish guy from Braveheart. Interesting fact, he is not actually a nut. He's a legume. He wields the "Father of Swords" which is a sort of meteor sword or something.

The Dogman. He's sort of the....well he's kind of a...I dunno he's the Dogman.

Caul Shivers is a big drink of mutilated water. He's the most developed of the bunch, having the most page time. And yet I still don't understand why he does any of the things he does. He has a cool metal eye from a huge scar he got. One guy asked him why he didn't just wear a patch, and he said something like "why hide it?" Well why put a ball in your face Shivers? Why not leave the big gaping socket hang out? Tch.

Black. Dow. Nuff said. Not really, Black Dow's killed more men than winter. I mean, Black Wow is this guy hardcore. When he wants someone dead, he wants it Black Now.

And yeah, Bloody-Nine. If you are the witness identifying someone in this line up, the Bloody-Nine did it. Point to him and say "officer, that's the guy that bit off my husbands tongue and poked him in the eye with it."
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To be honest, I'm really not a fan of your art at all, it's just never been my thing. I hate caricature art and over the top cartooney stuff in general but after reading your descriptions I see that you seem to personally really care about and enjoy the content that you base your art on, and I respect that. Have you ever thought about doing something with a bit more "realism"? I'd love to see that.
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Well thanks for commenting sorry to hear you're not a fan. I'd say broaden your horizons and try to enjoy caricature art and or cartoons in general. Different interpretations is what art is all about.
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Oh I agree, different interpretations is definitely what art is all about and I didn't mean to knock what you do, that certainly wasn't my intention. If I were a fan of that art style then your interpretations would definitely be my favorite. I would just love to see someone put some time into something a bit more realistic, as far as the First Law series goes. There is a lot of caricature style art out there surrounding this series but not much on the realistic side. I would love some of the latter to help me envision the characters a little better. Anyway thank you for your contributions, you clearly have great taste in literature.

"Who's a good Dogman?  You are! You're a good Dogman!"
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haha, I love it. Your comments made me crack up. Especially "well why put a ball in your face Shivers?" :rofl:
You have a point actually. Why?
And the ones about the legume and the Bloody-Nine are also hilarious.

I love how freakin' rabid Logen looks haha. Your style is hilarious and awesome.

Although I'm pretty sure Black Dow is a lot smaller than you've depicted here. I'm saying that because of that first scene when he kicked Shivers down because he thinks Shivers is too damn tall, and Black Dow was like, shoulder height or something. 
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Thank you so much! First Law 4 lyfe!

Really I thought Black Dow was tall, just that Shivers was like really really tall. I was sort of going off of the original trilogy though and Shivers was young back then so maybe by the time the Heroes comes around he's a lot taller than Dow. Or I could be wrong in general. Anyway, thanks for commenting I'm very glad you enjoyed it.
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Haha my pleasure xD

Sorry, I just noticed a typo in my comment. I said "when you kicked Shivers" for some reason, I meant "he", as in Black Dow. The scene was in the original trilogy, when Shivers first spoke to the Dogman's lads because he was sick of Bethod and wanted to turn over to them.
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You check your comnets for topyos?!

I'll accept your version, you're clearly up on the Abercrombs more than I. I assume you read his Shattered Sea trilogy too?
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When I get a reply, I always read my original comment once over. Don't you? xD

I've probably just read them more recently. I discovered Abercrombie recently cos he's been compared to Mark Lawrence, who is also grimdark. He's my fav author. Check him out for these reasons :ohnoes:
I'm only now up to the Heroes. ^^
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No not evin 0nce. Never look back!

Oh boy, well I think you'll like all of Abercrombie he's a terrific author. I have read Mark Lawrence I read all the Prince of Thorn trilogy I haven't read his new things though. I actually really liked the first and second, started to wind down by the third...not sure how I feel about it overall. It's one of those things where I'm really happy it exists, I thought it was genuinely new and interesting but I guess I'm not sure of how I personally like it. I've never actually talked to anyone who read them haha so I'm interested to know more about what you like about it. Maybe you'll change my mind.

Actually I DO have a pinpoint to what wound me down about the third book, but I'll wait for a reply before I go into it. Hope I didn't bum you out.
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That's great, I am liking him so far. ^^ Best Served Cold would have to be my favourite book from the series. Monza is so damn awesome.
Oooh awesome that you've read it! :la: (The new stuff, Prince of Fools, deals with a completely different character and it's less musings on life, more humour. Had me laughing out loud at times.)

Haha, well although I'm a huge advocate for the series, I might know what you mean about the third book. The second was my favourite. Personally I think the third book slows down the pace quite a lot, and Jorg spent way too much time just travelling in a carriage. Not to mention Chella and that other guy suddenly barging in with viewpoint chapters, and third person at that, wasn't entirely welcome. Is that your reason, or did you have something else?

But as for what I like about it, that would be Jorg's relentless attitude and the fact that he's an ass -- and unapologetic. xD Also, his narration. I love the way it's written and all the random musings on life.
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Yeah Monza is really great. Morveer is probably one of my favorite characters in the whole Crombieverse though. I just love how he doesn't see who he is and still tries to get people to like him haha.

Actually my favorite part is in the.........second book?(correct me please) when Jorg goes to that mountain and talks with the door and they have a kind of full on clash of "fantasy v sci fi" and you as the reader know what's going on but none of the characters do and they react appropriately. I was just so into that, and I love when the books play up those moments I think it's when the story really fulfills itself. The third book kind of turned all that into just a big joke with the janitor being like the icon of the guardians or whatever and then they just like embarrassingly killed him or whatever cuz they were like "ew a janitor". That was something that I'm sure was funny to Mark Lawrence but really did not belong at the climax. Also the whole bringing it all back to his brother being the bad guy and them having to reconcile or something just, I think it was a bit of a mess when the other two were nice and clear cut and easy.

I guess my whole thing was like the "goal" of Jorg was becoming High King or whatever they called it but like I super wanted him to abandon it haha I didn't actually want him to achieve that it didn't seem like it mattered at all. But, I thoroughly enjoyed the road brothers and all of the weird future-mysticism. Especially the trolls.

I liked Jorg's perspective too. He was a great anti-hero. I really rooted for him in the second book against the evil/good prince. So would I like Prince of Fools less or more do you think?
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Cracked up when I saw all the knifes that Logan has.
Heh! Love this rendition!

Though Tul Duru is missing a couple of heads and a lot more bulk. IMHO
Haha!Nice to see that your Logen sticks to his, "You can never have too many knives" motto!Ah,the First Law!One of the best fantasy series ever written,and yet so few(in comparison to say A Song of Ice and Fire)here on deviantart who recognize it's beauty,not that their numbers are small,but the ratio is some thing to give pity to.You've really done an amazing job of capturing their essence in this picture,but I believe that Black Dow,wants his back,right now!
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This is a funny comment haha. Thanks! I agree. Joe Abercrombie is so underappreciated(it seems, I don't actually know how popular he is) but he should be more popular.
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GREAT depiction!
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Thanks! Abercrombie is one of my favorites!
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Whirrun of Bligh feels spot on to me, here. Great stuff!
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Nice job! I love all of Abercrombies books! :)
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