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I don't usually draw Jon because he's sooooo popular. I'll stick with Lommy Greenhands thank you. I do however have a great affinity for the brief and very compelling appearance of Qhorin Halfhand. Qhorin. You may have half a hand, but you have all of my heart. And a killer pony tail.

Speaking of hands, George Martin really hates hands. I'm trying not to be a spoiler here. People always talk about the volume of death in these books, but if you add up all the real death there's not as much as you would think. But if you were to tally the amount of hand death? There should be a museum honoring the maimed hands in this book.

This part is also the first appearance of one of my favorite characters, the Lord o' Bones. I had planned on jamming him in, in some way but, I'll do something with him later. Doesn't everyone love the wildlings?
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People always talk about the volume of death in these books, but if you add up all thereal death there's not as much as you would think
YES! Thank you for noticing! People always talk about these books like it's non-stop rape in a sea of dead main characters, even though it's simply not true! I am so sick of people complaining that the author killed all the "likable" characters.
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It is certainly more real death than most people are used to. But like, not that much more. I think it's pretty reasonable. Thank you for backing me up!
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So... I'm on Clash of Kings.
Jon's hand= burned
Qhorin's= don't ask.
Davos'= maimed
The random guy who wanted to surrender to Tyrion and gave him that glove's hand= gone.
Probably more and probably more to come.
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You haven't finished?! What are you doing here get out you'll be spoiled! Be careful. Tread lightly. Keep your sword sharp. The night is dark and full of terrors.
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Don't worry, I'll be careful ;)
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Now that you mention it, GRRM must really hate hands. Great art, dude, absolutely awesome!
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I loved Qhorin so much...
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I like that you give Qhorin a plait. That must be fun with 5 fingers!
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haha you know I always wondered about that. He has one in the books but it's does he braid it?
Seriously! Someone should send a message to George RR saying "Hey stop killing off every character...'s hands. You make some fantastic art and your descriptions are so hysterical! Keep up the good work!
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thanks man! I'll try to keep it real!
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Jon is too popular by half, tbh. Qhorin was is a total BAMF.

And oh god, now that you point out the hand maiming.. I just. Want to retitle the series A Song of Ice and Fire and FUCK WHERE MY HAND GO
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Dude, where's your hand?

Jon is popular, and he's so...cookie-cutter to be popular. Dany too.
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Oh god, he really is. And tbh, I liked Dany in the beginning... but she just devolved into a complete and utter Mary Sue and now I just can't with her.
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Haha I didn't like Jon in the beginning but I'm more into him now that he makes more mistakes. Dany...she's definitely quite the heroine now. I'm still rooting for either, I guess. Just not as excited about them to personally succeed as I am characters like Tyrion or Sansa.
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Yeah, I mean now that he has actual things to be upset/worried/fretting about, I find Jon to be a lot more... bearable. ngl, I skipped his chapters every now and then entirely

I guess the same goes for Dany? I mean, as of next book she should have something to do, besides just waiting around in Mereen for the rest of the plot to catch up with her. We'll see I guess.

Sansa is one of those characters who I've liked/disliked and am just generally torn about. In her current situation, I do find her plot to be really interesting, however. I can't wait to see what she does.

Tbh, the thing I am looking forward to reading the most next book (should those chapters be included) is Sam's time in Oldtown. I find that cast of characters (Lazy Leo, the Sphinx, etc.) to be really interesting and I just want more of them. ;u;
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SKIPEPEPEPED?! SKIPPED?! I'm going to pretend like I didn't read that.

Waiting around in Meereen for something to do is right. I'm a little worried about her next adventure. I mean. She's a queen. With a dragon. How long of a side adventure is this going to be? It would be like if Jon were Lord Commander, and then joined the wildlings for all that time.

The more time goes on the more I'm really appreciating Sansa and her unique perspective in a fantasy story. And I'm very interested to see what's going on with Shadrich the Mad Mouse.

Sam's time in Oldtown, pft screw Lazy Leo or the Sphinx. PATE. THE PIG BOY. What. The. Faceless.
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I can't help it, he can just be so dull sometimes, hahah..ha... /hangs head

Yeahhh. I'm with the upcoming books, things will get moving again. Just in general, really. I mean, there's 2 books left so shit most definitely will have to go down.


But oh man, Winds of Winter better give me loads of Martell/Dornish thing. I must needs some Sand Snakes action. Also, I recently stumbled upon the theory that Alleras the Sphinx is in fact Sarella, one of Oberyn's snakes. Which. I didn't pick up on that at all, and just the idea of a cross-dressing archer BAMF infiltrating the Citadel just for the sake of learning things? That makes me really happy, haha.
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Oh yes haha. I've known for awhile that Alleras and Sarella were one and the same. It's not a theory as far as i'm concerned it's just a fact.
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What, Qhorin is a Targaryen?! Or..just old?? xD But yeah, there is an insane amount of handmaiming in this series, it's like everytime there is a minor injury of some body part it just has to be a hand. I wonder if he's trying to tell us something? And aaww, Jon looks so cute and troubled :D
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Haha he's old. Jon would be troubled!
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But he just looks suspiciously tanned for a man of the Night's Watch.. Jon is always trouble. That's why he's there
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