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What's their plan? Spoilers below.

So. The Chandrian, from Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles are deviously mysterious. I like to nickname them, "The Clandestriane". By their very nature they do not wish to be described or named or, have any involvement with anything really. And yet they are evil so we are led to believe. Anyway, my depiction comes from this poem about them in Wise Man's Fear.

"Cyphus bears the blue flame.

Stercus is in thrall of iron.

Ferule chill and dark of eye.

Usnea lives in nothing but decay.

Grey Dalcenti never speaks.

Pale Alenta brings the blight.

Last there is the lord of the seven:

Hated. Hopeless. Sleepless. Sane.

Alaxel bears the shadow's hame."

Cyphus bears the blue flame is pretty cut and dry, he must have been a wizard of some sort. Stercus is in thrall of iron made me think of someone trapped in armor, or maybe like the man-in-the-iron-mask. I think Ferule or, Cinder as we know him better is most definitely a fae of some kind.

Grey Delcanti never speaks, now stay with me for this one. Who do we know that never speaks. Adem, right? And Adem masters wear white, which over time might become grey. Right? That was basically my angle. I work with what you give me Rothfuss. Pale Alenta brings the blight, and Usnea lives in nothing but decay to me kind of invokes the same mental image, so I had a hard time coming up with a difference. So there really isn't one.

And yeah there's Haliax bearing the shadow's hame. Hame it up man, bear the shit out of that hame. Gonna call you Corey Hame from now on.

Also I threw Kvothe in there for fun, and even though the Chandrian are the bad guys of the series I decided to put Kvothe's real nemesis Ambrose. See if you can spot him.

The worst part about this is sooner or later we will know what the rest of the Chandrian look like and I will be dead wrong about all of them. I took this as an opportunity to be creative and draw "just heads" as I like to refer to unfinished drawings.
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Great use of line and colour, and I like the facial expressions being so varied and matching each character. I also like how the faces are much paler than the characters’ clothes - it makes the characters’ faces stand out more. 🙂👌
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You’re welcome!😊
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Creepy, and awesome! Great work! On my YouTube channel I'm going to be starting a new series talking about Kingkiller Lore, would it be okay if I used this picture? I would of course make sure to leave a link to your profile in the description. The videos will have a bunch of collected artwork in them, related to the topic, and I plan on doing one about The Chandrian soon 
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You got it dude feel free to use whatever.
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Thanks so much! You're the best! :)
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That's really awesome! :D
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Alaxel/Haliax be like "Bruh, don't lookeet mah face...and stahp sayin mah name". Kvothe be like "Alaxel, show me yah face".

He does this often.
"Abenthy, teach me yah secret majics"
"Elodin, teach me moar secret magiks"
"Kilvin, teach meh teh sekret roons"
"Martin, teech me sekret tracking tekneeks"
"Felurian, show me to insta-gate teh 'bang'"
"Tempi, teach me yah secret lethani-ninja bullshit"
Weird thing is they all comply...except Kilvin, he's like "nah bruh"         Anyway, nice art LOL
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and Kvothe's all like "thank you so much for taking interest and teaching me. I truly appreciate everything you've given me"

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH yeah no. He just forgets them.
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Okay, now I can leave an ACTUAL comment here of substance. (and I tell you my theories and what I've learned trolling the wiki here since it's annoying to write it all in a text)

For of all it's really awesome ^^ but you know that. I love your art. so. much :3

Second of all, it funny you say Cyphus is a wizard, because most people think that (and myself included) Cyphus is the same as the Scyphus, Taborlin the Great's wizard-king nemesis from the stories. And for Haliax, people think he's the same as Iax, also the source for Jax (from Hespe's story about the boy who stole the moon), especially since Nina's drawing depicts him with waxing and waning moons. But this would mean he's behind stone doors, as Felurian says, or maybe not, or maybe a part of him? I never thought of Cinder being Fae, but he probably was, since the Ctheah seems to not like him and I THINK Kvothe describes Felurian's eyes and not having any scelera and consisting of just one big iris. Also, as for one of them being Adem... someone did point out that the words over the door in the archives are "Vorfelan Rhinata Morie" and Rhinata sounds like "Rhinta", and the Ctheah DID say (And I also I think so too) someone at the university knows about them and the Amyr. I mean, Elodin did know what Kvothe's shaed is (which I think might known the name of the shadows, which maybe Haliax knows too.) 
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Oh wow. You know WAY more about this than I even thought was possible to know. So I wasn't that far off based on my superficial predictions?

Also my favorite part of that book is when Felurian and Kvothe are rhyming to each other.
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I love the whole, "ancient secret magic" thing (hence why I'm so enamored with the Children of the Forest) so I ate the whole Chandrian thing up like candy. And when I read the part with Nina's drawing and how she was more afraid of the Amyr than the Chandrian, it got me thinking... what if the Chandrian AREN'T as bad people think they are. I mean... they are pretty bad, obviously, but the Amyr  seem really bad too. The other day while reading people's comments/theories, I came across this post:

"OK, first of all, that picture tells us that Amyr are maybe worse then Chandrians, and I doubt there is some truth there. Why is Amyr with them on the picture? Well, it may be because he is chasing them. 

Now, there is this other thing if you remember Skarpi's story and Adem's story about the Seven. Six betrayed their cities (forgot the Lethani) and forgot but remembered. This one could be an Amyr. Also, Selitos, who is possibly the founder of Amyr's, didn't forgive Lanre/Haliax when Aleph told the Ruach that they should forgive all past sins (huh, total son of God dying reference), and left to hunt Haliax until the end of days (his goal is not to kill him I would say). Selitos's chase is purely fueled with hatred, if we look closely to Haliax his existance is one of the saddest things in the world, and Selitos instead of trying to end his existance (even though Haliax did awful things), he went on a sadistic quest to torture him until the end of days, and maybe other Amyr's are like him. Amyr are a bit crazy that is for sure, they are a bit Machievaliani style, "the goal of greater good justifies these actions", ich, nobody is perfect, and if they are the only one who can judge themselves, well, you know, it doesn't turn up very well. Look at the Duke of Gibea (possible Amyr), and what he did, Mengele style, even though it did improve medicine, it was a terrible thing to do. And look the stories of one and other, Seven Chandrian destroyed seven cities in Creation wars, but now they kill troupers and wedding people that can tell on them? On the other hand Amyr experiment on 20 thousand people. 

There is more to Chandrian/Amyr than meets the eye for sure, though, interesting, Bast, Felurian, Adem all refer to Chandrian like a plague, but nobody has a problem with the Amyr. DoS will uncover this I hope."

I thought it was interesting! 

Also yes, I do like that part. It's funny, because while I was reading both books I thought that parts of them just bleed Shakespeare. Not just Felurian and Kvothe, but Denna and Kvothe's conversations, all of Kvothe's, Wil's and Sim's shenanigans with Ambrose, the courtly intrigue with the Maer, and of course the Fae realm, only to discover, Rothfuss loves Shakespeare and is really influenced by him. Of course, haha. 

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YES.  YES.  ALL OF THE YES.  ... Sorry.  Just finished Wise Man's Fear...
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haha and you went hunting for fanart
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Wait, Haliax? But, isn't he Lanre? Or perhaps he was once Lanre and became Encanis? Who Tehlu then slew and then became Haliax of the Chandrian? 
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I don't think any of it has been confirmed yet
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This is brilliant... I hope Rothfuss inspires himself (at least a little bit) from this drawing. I love your idea for Grey Dalcenti.
Also your Ambrose lol... Amazing
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Thanks! I had to interpret a lot, except for Ambrose. This is as accurately as he is described, I believe.
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Looks like an interesting series! I must needs borrow it at the library!
So finished the two Kingkiller Chronicle books a couple weeks ago. Read ASOIAF, First Law, Locke Lamora, Kingkiller Chronicle and Wheel of Time books, can you recommend anything else? Trying to get into Brandon Sandersons "Mistborn" but not really catching me.
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You should read his newer series, the second one just came out. Start with Way of Kings, the second is called Words of Radiance. I think you'll be more into it it's not as drab as Mistborn. If you just aren't a Fanderson of Sanderson, which, I can definitely understand. He loves rules...sometimes I don't like rules. Anyway try Brent Weeks, he is also pretty rough around the edges but he's funny and his ideas are pretty unique. I like the Lightbringer series more than the Night Angel. Night Angel trilogy has flavors of Locke Lamora only with way more magic and way more killing. Lightbringer is kind of it's own wacky thing about color wizards but swallow the pill of the premise and it has some interesting history and the world is pretty cool.
Thanks man, I'll finish the first Mistborn book and then try his new series. I liked what he did with Wheel of Time.
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