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The undead biker

This is totally mah masterpiece. =P

Of course there are still some parts I failed but I'm really happy how this turned out in the end. Kalma's a real b*tch to draw (mainly because of that damn jacket) but that's also why I like drawing him the most. I love the challenge even though I tend to get frustrated from time to time. And even though the Kita-fan side of me objects this, Kalma's totally the coolest looking of the monster bunch. XD
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nice. I like the hint of red you've put here n there. Makes it look more vivid. Also cool detailing with them studs and shit. (especially that belt being all detaily just really catched my eye xD)
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Hehe, that's actually brown I've used but I gotta admit it does look like red. :,D And the belt was one of the most annoying parts to draw so it's great to hear I didn't mess it up. XD
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On muuten törkeän hieno! :D Oon kyllä samaa mieltä, Kalman takki on melkonen haaste piirtää kaikkine ketjuineen ja rihmoineen, mutta oot onnistunut hyvin! Diggailen myös tosta värityksestä :)
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Kiitoksia suuresti. Hienoa kuulla moisia kommentteja niinkin hyvältä piirtäjältä kuin sä. Ihan tässä punastuu. : D
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Eipä kestä kiitellä! :D