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Alright, so :iconthemonstiriousshow: tagged me to do this a while ago.... Actually that was already in November...... Ehehehehee.... ^^; Aaanyway, I was foolish enough to promise I would do this eventually no matter what so here it finally is.

1. Not much to say about this.... Poor Möhnä has no idea what's coming.... :,D

2. Meh. That just happened to be the first thing to pop into my head. Though I'm pretty sure no one won't be seeing Möhnä going around town looking like that. :p

3. DeviantArt: The place where you can see me fail at drawing a toilet seat. XD ....But can't an alien take a dump at peace? Leave the poor guy alone. :I

4. As you can see, I can't draw a wheelchair either..... An old bald and wrinkly Möhnä in his last days. He looks so damn sad, I wanna hug him real bad. D:

5. Hehe, this was actually my favorite of these. For some reason I really like how he turned out. Doesn't he just look fabulous? :p

6. If we ignore that slimy wimey stuff on his head that may or may not be called 'hair', Möhnä has no hair.... Anywhere.... So no shaving done here..... Move along.

7. A monster who goes around in a loincloth has no trouble with a thong either. :,D

8. This'll be explained below as well with other stuff. :d

9. So what's that slime thing? Möhnä and his fabulous alien race doesn't 'breed' like humans do. Their 'hair' (That slime on their head) kind of divides and voilah! a 'baby' is born. (For this reason they don't have genitalia either so no masturbing done. They do have genders though as only females can feed the babies.) And yes, males can have babies too. The babies stay as those 'slime balls' for a certain amount of time (Not sure how long yet) after which the outer slime hardens and they're enveloped in a cocoon like thing in which they turn into 'real babies'. (Like butterflies. :p) You know, they'll be babies similar to humans. Though Möhnä and his alien buddies live about 4 times as long as humans and they cannot have babies before they're around the age of 100 or so. Möhnä's just 84 so he couldn't even really have any babies yet. :p (....No, I did not just make that up on the spot. I have a lot of stuff thought out about Möhnä and his race but I've never shared it since I'm lazy. :,D)

10. This is quite self-explanatory. Would you like to stuff that thing down your pants? I didn't think so. XD (Not sure if it meant this or the baby wearing the thong.... Which wouldn't have worked anyway. :p)

11. I had so much fun with this. Poor Möhnä. X,D .....Yep, I totally gave up trying to draw hands properly. I suck at them anyway. ^^;

12. I tried but the level of crappiness I once was on is unreachable. That just has to do for now. :d

13. I decided to be nice and not tag any poor souls but if you want to do this for some odd reason then go ahead.


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XD I can't breath anymore! 
Dear lordi!Doge 
Damn Möhnä is sexy in a thong...