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Sign of a massacre



Okay, so I had this art course in school last autumn where we were supposed to draw and write about one subject and then gather them together in a folder. As you can see I chose to do this task about Lordi and this is the cover of the folder. The inside and back ain't that intresting, just some black and red paint/watercolors messed around~ XD Making the folder actually took way longer than any of the drawings... :I And the Lordi sign is suprisingly hard to draw~ XD

...Btw, messing with the paint was damn fun and I looked like I had just murdered someone after this was finished~ X,D

Here's everything I drew for the course:
At first, of course all the members:
Mr. Lordi [link]
Amen [link]
Awa [link]
Ox [link]
Otus [link]
Kita [link]
Enary [link]
G-Stealer [link]
Kalma [link]
Magnum [link]

I returned my work for valuation about a week before Mana and Hella were introduced to us so they're not here.

Then I wanted to show how I usually draw the stuff

And then there was just a bunch of different techniques I use to draw them besides the usual
Markers [link]
Pencil [link]

I didn't exactly draw these for the course but I did draw them during the course and since I had no time to draw new ones with techniques/styles like these sooo....
With just colored pencils: [link], [link] (Only one of these would've been enough but they're actually drawn on the same paper)
Chibi-style: [link]

And then I wrote 23 A4 papers of text. (They all weren't full of course~ XD) I only would've had to make 4-5 pieces of art (the folder counts too) + the text (I'm pretty sure less would've done the job too) but I wanted to draw them all and use different styles too so I ended up with loads more than necessary~ XD I did get the best grade possible from the course anyway~
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