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Monster invasion

This just started out with those three big ones and because I was lazy to get more paper I started doodling more smaller monsters. Then :iconunsungsymphony: started pointing out all the empty spaces left and kept telling me to draw more monsters in them. So this is what happened in the end... There's still empty space left but you know what, I don't care~ >D

Oh, and the one who can count all the monsters will get an imaginary cookie~ XD
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Jaa alussa katoin että "kuka hitto?" mutta sitten klikkasin linkkiä. Sinähän siinä >:D
sir-Finhawk's avatar
Jep, itse pääpahishan se tässä. >XD
ForeverTALES552's avatar
Oh noes, I just ate tomatoes today, and now I feel somewhat I would regret it XD
You did a great job with filling all that empthy space with your cool creatures!
sir-Finhawk's avatar
...I've been eating tomatoes too. D8 Let's just hope their friends won't come to avenge them.
the-ChooK's avatar
hurrah for the killer tomatoes! :la: :rofl: oh lord. xD, i see möhnä has eyeballs now too O_O
sir-Finhawk's avatar
Yep, killer tomatoes are badass~ >D
And Möhnä has already had them for a while now actually~ :d
the-ChooK's avatar
aaaw yeah! xD
oh. then i havent just noticed before :dummy:
sir-Finhawk's avatar
It hasn't been like that for long and it's no big change so I'm not surprised you didn't notice before.
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