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I drew this one at school and when I started coloring it I really thought the pen was black and it totally looked black on paper but when I added some water it turned brown... >I Stupid brown pen dared to ruin my dear Kita... D<
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HP Scanjet G4050
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May 9, 2013, 7:36:27 PM
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aaah, i think the brownish tones on"skirt" (or what should i call that)... works really well.
Watercolor pencils can be a bitch sometimes turning more light toned when you ad the damn water, especially the black. I actually like to mix a bit o brown with black to the parts that dont need to be all pitch black so the tone looks more "rich" when you go over with water. :dummy: in my opinion it has more character than that grey tone that turns out when you wanna make lighter parts and only use that black watercolor pencil... so yay for brown... or ordinary color pencils you can use to go over later and give more personality for your colors.
One thing i hate bout watercolor pencils too is that once youve gone over with water you cant really go and color a new layer and go over with water again and make it look good (fucking thing can be a drawing ruiner)... Which is why i fell in love with inktense pencils the minute i tried them. you can just color a layer -> go over with water -> let it dry -> color a new layer -> go over with water again and it will fucking work and look good, my god, this is amazing. And they have more rich and bright tones to begin with O_O holy fuck.

oh... damn, well now im just rambling :laughing:

anyways, this looks good. :thumbsup:
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I don't have anything against brown or brown mixed with black but now it's just all brown... It really doesn't look THAT bad but it annoys me to no end. >I
And I've actually fallen in love with painting recently. :d I kinda discovered I can actually paint! O.o And while painting you can add as many new layers of color as you want so if you mess up you can always fix it~ XD
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ah, i see. Well i like it. Though sometimes it just goes like that. Yer annoyed by something youve done yerself and then people end up loving it and yer like "what? but i didnt want it to end up like that, shut up" :P
cool. :D
Ive never got into painting meself. Did try it at school and shit but i was always better with pencils than brushes. :P though that was guite long ago. I dunno if id like it now, in a way it seems so different to drawing :dummy:
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Exactly! XD
I actually pretty much hated painting while I was still in middle school... The fact that I couldn't paint a straight fine line with that damn brush pissed me off to no end. And all the stuff I painted ended up looking like crap anyway~ XD I kinda fell in love with it during vaihtoviikko (I'm too lazy to try to come up with an English word that would make sense) this year. I took this painting course which was basically just painting six hours a day. I ended up finishing three paintings and I was surprised myself that they didn't turn out too bad. (I should actually upload them here too but two of them are pretty big so I would have to take pics of them but I've been just too lazy to do that~ XD)
And it really wasn't that different from drawing... With my style anyway. :d