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Exterminating the rainbow~

Okay, this took way too long~ .____. I started coloring this a week ago and was supposed to finish it on sunday but I ended up watching Supernatural for the whole day. I have no idea what I did the whole week either... <.< Anyways I finally finished it and here it is.
I colored the sky with photoshop since almost all of my blue markers are dead. I really dunno how to use that stupid photoshop. ...I hope I didn't screw it up too bad~ DX

The sketch: [link]
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HP Scanjet G4050
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My glub...

(By the way, this is Death from Pokeheroes. ;) )
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Oh, hi Death, I'll have to remember to add you to my watch. :p
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Hehe, näyttää hyvältä ^^
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Yes, I think it looks awesome! How far are you into supernatural now?
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Ehehehehe... Watched the fifth but still haven't started even the sixth... <.< I have no idea what the heck I was doing the whole goddamn summer! DX ...I'm almost finished with the anime though~ ^^;
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Watched the first 8 episodes from season 6 last weekend~ XD ...I wish Sam would get his soul back soon~ QAQ
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I think the background looks great, it all turned out amazing!
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