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Awwwww, He's trying to claw my eyes out



Because a tiny monster that wants you dead is the cutest thing in the world. .w.

Anyway, after drawing this I kinda remembered I had already drawn something very similar to this some time ago. So I went to go through all my lousy unfinished sketches and naturally, I found it from where I searched it from last.…
...Lookie that, Zoka's hair has gotten longer! I wonder when that happened. XD

I drew Kalma into this version since I kinda felt guilty for not drawing him more. In the end he is my second fave of the monster bunch... Kita just steals all my attention! .____.
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Aaaaw! :3
Mikään ei olekkaan suloisempaa kuin pikku hirviö yrittäen syödä kasvojasi kun pidät sitä käsissäsi kuin pientä lasta.  :hug:
Sehän vain kertoo kuinka paljon tämäkin välittää sinusta.

Ja oikein ihana piirros pakko sanoa :3