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Welcome to Sip Sip City, where a rare experience in taste happens in the various drinks we serve! Here at our little cafe we serve almost anything, at least when it comes to our fantastic drinks. Let's not forget our wonderful menu of sweets and treats, they're simply delightful to the taste buds. Here at Sip Sip City it's our pleasure to serve our guests with a smile, and provide a comfortable atmosphere to all those who come our way.

So what is you'll be having today- Huh, you're here cause of the helped wanted sign? Fantastic! Please come this way to my office for an interview and possibly paperwork! (trainee's/waitresses/waiters/baristas/chefs/manager's)

So what is it you'll be having today? (guests/customers)


Please fill out the format given to whatever you pick/assigned/given
This is an Role-Play group where your character is either a employee or a guest, you decide! There are a few requirements if you wish to join, but nothing unfair.
Group is mainly for maplestory creators you can draw them though if you wish.
Character creation is required for those picking to be an employee
Appearances for employees must be based on drinks, however you may make up a drink as the café is going to serve potions as well.
Animal parts are ok, please try to keep it as close to the drink you pick as possible.
Guests are welcome to be any oc you have already created                                                     
                                                                    RP RULES

No God modding
Ask permission for NSFW role-playing
No harassment
Respect Each other
No fighting
Don't promote your server here
If you have issues with certain members, please keep it outside of the server don't need drama
Be kind to each other
No dangerous or suspicious links
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