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Crossing the lake of dragons

Started out as a simple sketch and I ended up doing this bc I have no self control Toujou Ayumu (Cries) [V1] 
Anyways! I actually liked how this turned out,
the dragon/wyvern here is my OC, Karmegan

Art (c) me
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Nicely done, but looks like bad idea to do
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Damnnn nice! ☀
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He is soo big! i love the idea of it, and the painting is beautifull
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Emerging from the sea - he's awesome!  Great detail - excellent work!
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This looks... in lack of words I simply say epic.
There is a aweinspiring, bone-shaking elegance and majesty in this. I can totally imagine this as a scene in a movie with an orchestra playing in the background.
Awesome Artwork.
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What the last slice of pizza sees. 
Really great work.
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this is really impressive
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This is bloody amazing, and I can’t believe more people haven’t commented and favourited this?

the colour palette you’ve used just ties together perfectly everywhere, and I really freakin’ love the way you did the water!
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Honestly, it's getting more attention then I thought it would and I'm pretty satisfied with how it ended up looking XD

Water was certainly one of the herdest parts, but after finding the perfect brush I figured things out.
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You should be happy with the way it looks, it’s honestly a really great art piece you did amazing!

How long did it take for you to complete this?
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Around 2 hours and a few minutes to fix and re-touch stuff.
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Only two hours? 😱 this honestly looks like it took way more time than that! 
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Haha, well!
Honestly, to render the dragon and water were what took me the longest time, but the others were all pretty quick.
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This dragon coming out of the water is amazing 😊
Do the people make it? 😁
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Not as they thought they'd make it, but yes they probably did!
Humans are too small and are not in this big boi's menu
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can i have your hands please?
or at least your talent.
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AA thanks ;u;
just tryin my best like everybody else <3
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This looks phenomenal omg!

also if that ever happened to me id pee my pants
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Oh dang so would I, specially if it looked directly at me
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