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Hello, I just wanna say hello to everyone, i didn't say anything about Admin membership, but maybe founder trust me. I don't know that is reason to have  more admins than  one or two (I mean with founder), cause there not so big fun club. Ok I believe that someday it will be BIG ;)

I haven't much time too, so I will try fix problems of this club saturday. Take care!


Your new moderator/admin TheNightHeDiedInside
jajajaja i am really so busy.There are lots of members who are pending.need someone to help me..i need an admin or two:hmm:Note me,uhm of course to my own account belizyy cause there are lots of notes here waiting to be read:doh:

.Tell how u luv siouxsie and the banshees,tell me why do you want to be an have one week.have a good luck;)
if u wanna join this community just send note
and watch usand put our icon on your journal

:!:'We're not going to explain ourselves any more, we're just going to do what we want and if noone understands that's their problem'..Siouxsie:!:

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:!:" If there is ever a Nurembourg Rally, then Siouxsie and the Banshees will be there" NME
:!:" I wore the nazi armband and I didn't know it was the anniversary of when World War 2 broke out...The whole club tried to turn on us... I got punched outside the club" Siouxsie .Jane Suck interview.
:!:"The idea was to bore the pants off everyone so they'd chuck us off, but in the end we got more bored than everyone else and went off the stage" Siouxsie on their debut at the 100 Club
:!:" God it was awful" said Howard Thompson A&R man Island
:!:"We didn't realise how important that incident was...We were in the Green room afterwards, the phones started going - people complaining about the filth- and us answering, saying "F**k off you stupid c**t."... All of a sudden we were Public Enemy Number One. "Siouxsie Mojo 2000 about the Bill Grundy incident

Susan Janet Ballion (born May 27, 1957) is better known by her stage name Siouxsie Sioux (pronounced "Suzy Sue"). Born in London, she is the lead singer of Siouxsie & the Banshees, an influential, London-based punk/goth band. She is also the lead singer of another band, The Creatures. She often uses the name Susan Dallion so that her mother won't get so many phone calls from fans.

She was one of the suburban bored teenagers known as the Bromley Contingent, that also included fellow Banshees founder Steven Severin and others.

Early life
Siouxsie Sioux, was born Susan Ballion in Guy's Hospital, in south London, the youngest of three children.

Her mother, Elizabeth Betty, did not possess any front teeth because her father's brother, Johnny, had gone berserk one night and smashed her in the face.

The Ballions had met in the Belgian Congo, she a French-speaking secretary, he milking serum from poisonous snakes as part of his work as a laboratory technician. Mr. Ballion's alcoholism meant Betty had to work full-time as a bilingual secretary. She never talked about "it" and he was an "it" as far as the family were concerned. Alcohol finally killed Mr. Ballion when Susan was 14. At age 15, Susan survived a life-threatening illness known as ulcerative colitis, an experience she described later as "Surreal. It completely de-romanticised the body for me."

Younger than her two siblings, Susan was left to keep her own counsel, and look after herself as best as she was able. The garden at their home north of Petts Wood grew into a jungle - high hedges, a crisis of roses - until the neighbours ganged up and complained. The Ballions must prune their hedges, they insisted.

She attended Mottingham Secondary Modern School for Girls in Kent and went on to work as a waitress.

Professional career
Siouxsie's first gig was as an unrehearsed fill-in band at the 100 Club's "Punk Rock Festival", two nights in September, 1976 organized by Malcolm McLaren.

One of her first public appearances was in company with the Sex Pistols on Bill Grundy's controversial television show, in the course of which the host tried to chat her up.
"Grundy: What about you are you in it for the money or are you just having a good time?
Siouxsie:I'm having a good time.
Grundy: I'll bet you are...
Sioux: I've always wanted to meet you...
Grundy: We'll meet afterwards shall we?"

In 1976 The Bromley Contingent followed the Sex Pistols to France and Siouxsie was punched by an Arab. She was wearing a cupless bra, black vinyl stockings and a black armband with a swastika on it. She liked Salon Kitty and disliked those who banged on about being in the war; the swastika was joke camp not death camp and she did not, then, appreciate the panorama of implications. "The Nazis were not only anti-Semitic but anti-anyone different, anti-anyone like me." The regalia backfired. The National Front started to pay attention and she was horrified.

Siouxsie married Siouxsie and the Banshees' drummer, Budgie in 1991.

Siouxsie is the featured vocalist on the title track to Basement Jaxx's 2003 album Kish Kash. (Strangely the track is spelled "Cish Cash")

Current lifestyle
Siouxsie lives a comparatively quiet life nowadays. Fed up with fans staring through the windows of their basement flat in west London, she and Budgie moved to France in 1992. Now they live in a converted farmhouse in a small village between Toulouse and Bordeaux where they have a garden, cats and mountains of books. A few years ago they set up their own label, Sioux records, and have just finished building a studio in their house.

The Guardian Weekend, January 14, 1995