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Sioranth :: Crown of Septima [CoS] by sioranth Sioranth :: Crown of Septima [CoS] by sioranth
Name: Sioranth
ID No.:  SM-006
Gender: Female
Species/Origin: Dragon, Unknown Origins
Age: Old enough to know better, still too young to care. (i.e., "30s" but actually around 8,000 years old)
Summoner: Goddess
Potential Rating: 0
Active Skills:  

Their Potential Grid:
Crown of Septima: Locked Slot Crown of Septima: Locked Slot Crown of Septima: Locked Slot 
Crown of Septima: Locked Slot Crown of Septima: Locked Slot Crown of Septima: Open Slot 
Crown of Septima: Open Slot Crown of Septima: Open Slot Crown of Septima: Open Slot

Equipment:  N/A
Held Item: N/A
Active Pet: N/A
Learned Skills: N/A
Tier # - Discipline - Rating #
Experience: [Sioranth EXP Tracker] [+ CoS Exp Tracker +]

Total Experience: 500
Personality:  Sioranth hasn't just been around the block but around the universe. She finally settled in a town called Layleaux for the long-term, made a few friends, but mostly kept her cave located in a dormant volcanic island in the middle of the ocean. It was time for something different, so when the Goddess of Septima offered her a change of scenery, she accepted happily. She is suspicious of all strangers and can even be quite uppity or downright rude to them without a proper introduction. She is pragmatic and a realist. Even though she is built like a tank, she prefers to avoid conflict if at all possible. In fact, most of the time she considers most matters beneath her notice and not worth fighting for in the first place. All that being said, with her friends Sioranth is warm, caring, loyal, and even downright silly on occasion. 

Oddities:  Sioranth's scales are a metallic alloy which is a great conductor of electricity. The few times a lightning dragon tried to shock her, they got a nasty surprise in return. However, the scales are quite susceptible to acids and corrosives and can even be damaged by prolonged exposure to things like salt, so Sioranth is fastidious about her grooming and keeping her scales clean and shiny at all times.
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