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Princess Celestia

Celestia is ~13" tall and was commissioned by BlackT0rnado from
She has a removable set of hoofshoes and socks, and her collar is also removable.
Her mane and tail is embellished with rhinestones which sparkle in the colors of her hair.

What do you think about my new alicorn pattern? Better or worse than my older one?
I would be glad to receive critique from you.


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CELESTIA!!!!!!awwwww.... uh. why does she have red eyes instead of pink, purplish eyes?
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because I have miserable photography skills. in fact it IS a purpleish-pink xD
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O-M-G! That's so,so CUTE!! /)*3*(\
It might just be the way the light, camera, and photo compiler interacted with the thread you used to make her irises, but on my screen thy look more red than purple. Other than that I have no complaints with this model. Good job.
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As I already wrote, my photographic skills are really REALLY bad xD I'm already happy when I manage to get a sharp picture in the end.
I can assure its definitely not red.^^

many thanks^^
I had a feeling the eyes weren't supposed to be red.

I'm sorry I didn't see where you wrote that before I made my comment. I'm sure your did, but sometimes I don't read all the comments before I make my own. XD
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someone else had asked me the same just a few comments before yours ;)

you're right, red wouldn't be the right color for her eyes. in fact it's a pink-purpleish yarn. I used some screenshots and official pictures from her as color reference. but I'm still considering if next time a light violet might be even better for her, even if it's not that showaccurate. what do you think?
That might be closer. Maybe you could wind the two threads together (if they're thin enough) if the light violet doesn't come out right the next time you make a Celestia plushie or something that used the same pink-purpleish yarn that could also be changed to this light violet. The combination might be what gives her iris the right color in your photographs.

Stitch a few lines of each and then take a picture of the samples. Whichever one is closest in the photo and in real life is the one I would go with on any future plushies.
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how much do you  commision celestia for? it looks amazing!~
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Sorry, I'm currently not open for commissions and it wouldn't help to give you a quote which can get obsolete by the time I'm ready to reopen my list. It's better to contact me via PM when I post the announcement of opening my list soon, then you'll get a quote which is up to date :)
Currently Celestia starts at 300€, depending on the size and style.
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alrighty o thanks!
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ahh, dont hate me for this, but why are her eyes red? ;o;
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because I really fail in photography and it's a smooth violet-pink in reality >.<
These have been my references:… and…
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Oh, cx
At first I thought it was the lighting but I still felt the need to ask. ^^;
On a better note, shes absolutely precious!
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maybe, but my photography skills are really horrible, I'm already happy when I manage to get a sharp picture in the end xD

many thanks :hug:
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I think the pattern looks great!
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many thanks, that means a lot to me.
I spent hours on pattern development for her.
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Very welcome!
You did a great job!

Also, happy birthday!
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