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Here is my commission info with examples and prices. I work with personal and commercial commissions order. For business illustration inquiry send me an email to siondarkness@gmail.com

These are basic prices for personal commission types. If there will be many details (weapons, jewelry, tattoos, wings, etc.) the price will be higher.

Bullet; BlueStar!Bullet; BlueMonochrome IllustrationBullet; BlueStar!Bullet; Blue

Illustration with texture and simple monochrome gamma (only 2-3 shades of brown) no/or decorative background.
Halfbody - $75 + $60 additional character
Knee-up/Fullbody - $85 + $70 additional character.
  Commission: Devyn and Fenris by sionra Commission: Sonya by sionra Commission: Sardar Mahariel and Morrigan by sionra Commission: Lena and Bel by sionra
Commission: Zahru by sionra Commission: Sheila and Fenix by sionra Commission: Last Spring by sionra Commission: Come get me by sionra
To add background + $20 - $50

NSFW examples:

Commission: Cave || Commission: Hot bath || Commission: Elras and Bellona
Commission: Demongirl and sailor || Commission: Private dance

Bullet; BlueStar!Bullet; BlueColored IllustrationBullet; BlueStar!Bullet; Blue

Fully rendered digital illustration with plain background included.
Bust - $70
Halfbody - $90+ $70 additional character
Knee-up/Full body - $115+ $85 additional character
Commission: Alaina by sionra Commission: Charis by sionra
  YCH #45: Vin and Tousen by sionra YCH #38 Nyla by sionra YCH #33 Yuyuriko and Carnage by sionra
  YCH #43: Nilith by sionra Commission: Valentine by sionra Commission: Azo and Mara by sionra
To add background + $30 - $70

NSFW examples:
NSFW preview: Dominic, Mor and Emry || Commission: Hot night || NSFW preview: Nathan and Anra
Commission: Nara || Commission: Night mood || Commission: Varjo


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hello! I'm ready to commission you now^^