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Hello guys!

:bulletblue: Hello guys!

I'm still collecting all works involving Misteria and Taho. Please keep in mind that English isn't my native language. But I will try my best to develop their story.

Also, huge thanks to my best friend and co-author :iconkimir-ra::heart:  We combined our worlds and created a new exciting story!
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:bulletblue: I'll start with Misteria:
Misteria and her brother Azamat were born into a big family. She was a very playful child and grew up to be a beautiful girl. She shared all of her thoughts with Azamat, and he was the closest person to her. After her brother and she entered the Academy of Chaos, they started to notice a big difference between their abilities. Also, it was necessary for them to make an important decision. One of them would need to die and go to Hell (to serve demons), the other would go to Heaven and live there. Azamat loved his sister so much that he chose to die and became a demon in order to give Misteria the best life.
Misteria: First time Meme by sionra Misteria: an Idea by sionra

Mature Content

Misteria: in bath by sionra
Mask for sorrow by sionra Jealousy by sionra What are you looking at by sionra Energy by sionra Not pure white by sionra Corner of loneliness by sionra Your doll by sionra
the mortal one by Kimir-Ra Guardian angel by Kimir-Ra Mist_scythe by Kimir-Ra
:bulletblue: Misteria and her first marriage:
Anyway, Misteria wasn't very talented with magic: she missed many lectures and classes, and felt upset about her mortal nature. But then she met Dis, the young Heir of Hell. Long story short, they fell in love with each other and even had a happy marriage. Dis was a very good husband until work started to absorb him.

Mature Content

You kept faithfulness for me by sionra
HHN: His Hell by sionra Are you kidding me by sionra

:bulletblue: Misteria and Taho
Misteria arrived in Taho's world accidentally because of Eva. She met the cruel god Taho, whose only wish was to destroy his own world. He was mad - the first time they met, he hurt her and she became very scared. But Mist saw how lonely and lost he was under his mask. She tried to help him, even though he didn't ask for her aid. She stayed with him. Her family was very worried about this situation, and her husband tried to get her to return home.
They lost each other a few times, but Misteria finally decided to be with Taho. Should I say that many gods and other powers were against it? Oh, yeah!
Being cursed by Chaos, Misteria couldn't have children, but Taho found a way to break this spell. Her first son, Roland, arrived as a very healthy boy - both parents were happy! After some years, Aminael was born.
But Misteria was still a mortal. Taho went to great lengths to find a way to continue her life. He organized a big ritual which resulted in Mist becoming a demoness. I should mention that Misteria has a very rare ability to provide energy. This gift is called 'guide'. To make a batch of energy, Guide should feel a big pleasure or better pain. Sometimes it really helps with politics.

Mature Content

Stronger than you by sionra
My sweetheart by sionra HHN: Break stereotypes by sionra

Mature Content

HHN: Night with a snake by sionra
Taho_sketches by Kimir-Ra Wife by Kimir-Ra Make you happy by Kimir-Ra

Mature Content

Night angel by Kimir-Ra
Snaky god Taho by sionra When you smile for me by Kimir-Ra Escape from me by sionra My wife by sionra You should forgive me by sionra Selfish god by Kimir-Ra

Mature Content

My sacrifice is my passion by sionra
Misteria and Taho: love you by sionra

Mature Content

Their games by sionra
Miteria Taho: wish by sionra I'll give you a star by Kimir-Ra Bad dream by Kimir-Ra

Mature Content

Ta-a-aho by Kimir-Ra

Misteria and her children:
Her treasure by sionra My dear mother by Kimir-Ra

:bulletblue: Fanart by other artists:
:thumb192343510::thumb169442973: WIP - Contest ... just crap by Isuna And then she smiled by gppr:thumb159917704:
:bulletblue: Some adoptions:
:thumb167388864: Adoption: Taho by Kimir-Ra

:bulletblue: Ta-dah, that's not all but I hope I will add some more story soon ^^
Also great thanks to :iconmasqueradexlies: who helped me with text corrections! :huggle:

© 2011 - 2021 sionra
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I was listening to the radio earlier today and this one song came on, and it immediately made me think of Misteria.

The song is called Mysteria by The Rasmus.

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Thank you for some advice ^^ Just listened it ^^
I love the story. I love how they are rich in possibilities.
I wish we could see Misteria falling in love with Taho little by little. I bet it should be breath taking.
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Thank you so much!
Oh Misteria felt in Love with Taho when we role-played in 2008-2009 ^^; But I hope that I could describe a part of their story in illustrations ^^
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Nice story! Keep drawing them. =)
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*_* Thank you ^^ You even don't know how your comment made me happy ^^
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I love this story :O You should write a book involving these characters!!! I would buy it!
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^^ Thank you ^^
Hoho, I'm not very good in writing books and stories even in my native language ^^;
MidnighBlood's avatar
I think it sounds great! I love the way you wrote it :) your comic is good too!
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Is it possible to see Misteria with her kids and hubby Taho? QAQ
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I will try to draw them together %)
WolfShadowYuma's avatar
YaY! I'm over joyed to hear that! :iconjoyplz:
I read about Taho and Misteria. Good story. Do you plan to do comic or something similar?
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Thank you :hug: No, I'm not sure I will draw comics about them. But maybe about another characters.
Listen, I like story of Taho and Misteria. You wont draw a comic? No problem, but you MUST do then a book about them. The story is too cool to exist just in pictures. Understand?
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I'm Russian, I'm not writer and do not want to make it a book for public ^^ Hope this arguments work.:dummy:
ok. I am Serbian. Take my that as a compliment. ok?
You had written that Taho and Misteria had 2 children? Do you have or plan to draw a picture of them with their kids or just a picture of their kids?
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Here they are. Aminael and Roland [link]
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OMG this is an amaaaaaaaazin story i love krez ..i love vampires its so amaaaaaaazin i dont know how to explain my impresion love you're work here really
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Thank you ^^
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I really do hope this will be released into a novel some day. >.< I'm so excited!
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