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Hello guys!

:bulletblue: I'm still collecting all works involving Aminael, Dragon and Roland. Please keep in mind that English isn't my native language. But I will try my best to develop their story.

Also, huge thanks to my best friend and co-author :iconkimirra-art::heart:

:bulletblue: I'll start with Aminael and her brother Roland:
I'll start with Aminael and her brother Roland:
Aminael is the second child of Misteria and Taho. She grew up in a gentle atmosphere, very much like a fragile flower. Her father treated her like a princess, but all his hope was placed on his son, Roland. When Aminael noticed that her parents spent more time with him, she decided to become smarter and more powerful than her brother.
Anyway, Roland didn't like to play with his younger sister - she was useless and annoying whenever he played with his friends. He didn't notice her until she grew up... into a beautiful girl.
Aminael always tried to dress in clothing which was gray and unremarkable but acquiesced to wearing something different when Roland asked it of her as a favour: 'Please, dress in something as beautiful as you are, my sister!' That day, Roland understood how charming his sister was and fell in love with her.
Our secret by sionra HHN: Lifelight by sionra

:bulletblue: Aminael and her ability:
Being her mother's daughter, Aminael inherited the rare and powerful ability to manipulate and create energy. The first to discover this talent was Dragon.
Silence of your heart by sionra Young wife by sionra Aminael by phoenixlu Aminael by omupied Magic lesson by kimirra-art

:bulletblue: Aminael and Dragon
Dragon is the main Keeper of world where Taho rules. He is very calm, wise, reasonable yet indifferent towards people's feelings. He always attended Taho's conferences. On one sunny day, Aminael saw him - or maybe took notice of him because of his awesome ears ^^ She wanted to touch them and asked to sit on his lap. Oh, if only Dragon could say no >_> But he couldn't. Taho allowed all whims for his little princess. The secret reason Aminael approached Dragon was that she very interested in him and was extremely taken by the idea of becoming Dragon's pupil. As I said, he just couldn't say no.
He started to teach her, dedicating many hours a day to teaching. Aminael was a very gifted child and always worked hard to earn praise from her Mentor.
Things progressed and eventually, Dragon wanted her to belong to him only. He even tried to kidnap Aminael from her family. Roland was mad about it and tried to kill the old Dragon. While he did not succeed, he managed to wound the older man. Doing so only served to wreck havoc as the whole world suffered a disaster...
Mine forever by sionra

Mature Content

HHN: In his arms by sionra
HHN: Powerless by sionra
Underwater Kiss by kimirra-art Her mentor by kimirra-art
PS: I love you by sionra

Mature Content

Improvement in love by sionra

Despite this, Dragon made a proposition to Aminael and she accepted it... it was considered another tragedy to her family because no one loved Dragon, and they thought he was too old for their young flower-princess.
Aminael and Dragon: the ritual by sionra

Fall with me by sionra Your heartbeating by sionra

:thumb200967529: Come cover me by SpectralFairy

:thumb176092204: Aminael and Dragon by Lumaris

Love triangle

:bulletblue: Some adoptions:

:bulletblue: Ta-dah, that's not all but I hope I will add some more story soon ^^
Great thanks to :iconminitiger: and :iconmasqueradexlies: for their help with text corrections.

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I am wondering about the brother part...because you know. No disrespect just curious why her own brother because after game of thrones I do find it unatural. But again no disrespect because I love aminael and she was the inspiration behind my Dark elf character.