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December 28, 2020
Watercolor commission: Stars by sionra
Suggested by RTNightmare
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Watercolor commission: Stars


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This is a watercolor commission for James.
And also I have speedpaint process placed on my Youtube channel, take a look!

:: TARDIS :: by sionra  Original for sale by sionra  Watercolor: Kira by sionra  Watercolor: Lady in the woods by sionra   ::Between spaces:: by sionra 
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You deserve a watch

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Good day! I'm in the same competition as my rival down there - hope you won't mind another critique for Critmas.

First of all - I'm honestly impressed you managed thus wealth of hues with watercolor. Unless it's just me, they seem quite challenging to master.

I especially appreciated the abundance of details you managed to put in your sky - that starry night truly is a marvel, and I can understand your character for just losing her sense of time while admiring it.

Speaking of her - I noticed you managed to blend her hair with the background on her immediate right in a way that ends up being noticeable and subtle at the same time. Quite marvelous.

When it comes to nitpicking, I might have a single objection - while I appreciate the peculiar perspective you gave to your piece, the two center trees' blurring feels too intense, compared to what their distance from the viewer looks like. You might want to check it out.

A nice artwork for sure, and it's not surprising it got a DD.

Keep up surprising us!

This critique brought to you by We Three Pirate Kings, Merry Critmas!

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Thank you so much for your critique! I checked your challenge and for me it is so hard to write so many large detailed comments even with my native language, you did great job!

And you're right I should probably do distant trees smaller if they are blurred that way.

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I'm glad my critique was useful!

Don't worry, by the way - the minimum number of critiques to qualify is 12, so feel free to pay us a visit next year.

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This is a very beautiful painting you did here. I especially like your use of colours. The blue and the black give the painting a dark feeling which is very fitting for the night theme. It is dark, but not without hope. There are all those tiny little stars. And there is the last warm orange light of the already sunken sun at the bottom. The way her black hair melts into the dark patches of the sky makes her look like she belongs into that starry night. It makes her an important part of it. I really like that little detail. Furthermore, I like the ghostly black shapes in the bottom part. These structures could be trees or they could be masts and sails of ships. At least that’s what they make me think of. It’s a nice idea to keep the surroundings a mystery and emphasizing the beautiful night sky. The pale blue shape in the middle looks like some distant light to me. Maybe the woman is looking up to that and thinking about her future. You painting beautifully expresses the solemn peace one might feel when watching the stars at night. Well done.

This critique brought to you by The Jolly Old Roger, Merry Critmas!

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Thank you for such a detailed opinion Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] it was a great pleasure to read. My English is quite stingy for expressing gratitude.

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Now that's some beautiful collection of stars from the moon light sky. :clap:

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Thank you ^^

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That is some gorgeous foliage. The one on the center left, maybe a bit rougher, but overall very strong.

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Thank you so much! I enjoyed painting trees in wet-on-wet technique ^^

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Congratulations on your well-deserved DD. :)

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Thank you so much <3

Malintra-Shadowmoon's avatar

You are so welcome. :)

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Very nice!! :clap: !!!

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Beautiful piece! Saw the video of this being made and was entranced!

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Thank you, glad you liked it ^^

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I'm annoyed that DA doesn't let you favorite multiple time x'D

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Thank you so much ^^ Your feedback is more important than number of likes ^^

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True, I try to comment on things because I know first hand how nice it feels, so I try to give that to others when I remember to! :D

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