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CS Voltaire



Bullet; Black  CS Voltaire  Bullet; Black 

Bullet; Blue Basic Information Bullet; Blue 

Stable Name: Chiron Stables

Name: CS Voltaire

Breed: pure Zlesdin
    ID: ZS0080
Studbook Approved: yes, graduation passed

Gender: Stallion

Age: 8 years

Phenotype: Black; Chubari Spots
Genotype: Ee aa nPrl
Height: 1.57 m

Main Discipline: Endurance, Cross Country

Bullet; Blue Personality Bullet; Blue 

Voltaire's personality is really hard to describe, because it can vary from one extreme to the other. If he wants to, he is nice and easy to handle - but if he has a bad day, you better avoid intensive contact (unless you have red, sweet and tasty apples).
Under the saddle, he is very agile and will work willingly (most of the time) without pressure. Endurance is his favourite sport and he does very well in it.
In the herd, he likes CS Runaway and CS Pan best.

Bullet; Blue Training/Recreational Images Bullet; Blue 

- Proud [+3 ZP]

Bullet; Blue Competitions/Shows Bullet; Blue 

- Am I pretty? Huh? [grading show] [+5 ZP] -> result:
   won a ribbon!

Bullet; Blue Bloodlines Bullet; Blue 

------------------------------------------------- SSS: Unknown
---------------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------------- SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
------------------------------------------------- SDS: Unknown
---------------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------------- SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------------- DSS: Unknown
---------------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------------- DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
------------------------------------------------- DSS: Unknown
---------------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------------- DDD: Unknown

Fun Fact:
inofficial twin brother: RD's Fadei Bogatir


Breedings are currently: Bullet; Green open
    Bullet; Blue Covering price:
        a fullbody shaded training picture
    Bullet; Blue Breeding picture required
    Bullet; Blue Only Zlesdin mares, please

1. chelissima to ?? | unused (as a little gift :3)
2. B3AR-CH13F to ZM0065 Do It For Baltimore | used

Bullet; Blue  ZS0337 Valedictorian

Bullet; Blue Zlesdin Points Bullet; Blue 

Star!No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
Rank: Dimer 
Total Points collected: 9 ZP
to see the points I collected for every picture, check Training/Recreational and Competitions/Shows above!
+ 1 for reference

Bullet; Black Credits Bullet; Black 

    Bullet; Blue Art and Character: © Siocain
    Bullet; Blue Design ©
    Bullet; Blue Ref. Horse:  © [outline trace]
    Bullet; Blue Skill System:
 © EscyKane |
    Bullet; Blue Background Image: © Tigers-stock |

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BonBonBerry's avatar
Aw what a pretty boy~
He looks almost like a twin brother of this guy RD's Fadei Bogatir :D