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Treasure Map

This was done for the little project of HeilyAens
It is all about showing erotic art that has nothing to do with plain pornography.
So the body is to be seen as a treasure, thus to be explored and discovered. The aim being... showing off a sexy body without showing everything.

I don't know WHAT came to my mind but I went for the more funny aspect... and drew LITERALLY a treasure map.
Unfortunately it doesn't look that good in the digital version, the original looks much better. -_-
EDIT: I changed the file to a better one.

Freehand sketch from a reference, done while waiting at the doctor's, shaded at home. A wee bit of acrylics used for the marks and the hair.
Size roughly 11x17 cm.
Done in the wonderful sketchbook I got as a gift from :icontheminstrelchild:, on slightly structured paper.

No mature content filter for there is nothing offensive to be seen. At least I think so.
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Calendria's avatar
I just love the emotion he evokes in his laugh!
Siobhan68's avatar
Thank you!
I am rather proud of this outcome too and I am really glad his laughter is contagious :aww:
Calendria's avatar
You're welcome. As always, amazing!
Wyzzel's avatar
Ahhhhhhhh sein Lachen ist so herrlich und wirkt so lebendig! Ich mag deine traditionellen Zeichnungen sehr, bin ja ein Fan von natürlichen Farben und sketchy lines.
Siobhan68's avatar
Da bin ich in dem Falle auch sehr stolz drauf. Auch hier hatte ich eine gute Vorlage.
Ich mag Skizzen auch, mache das aber viel zuwenig.
Inianna's avatar
Das Bild ist soo Klasse. Ich könnt mich jedes Mal wegwerfen vor Lachen. Auf die Idee muss man erstmal kommen. Und das rote Kreuz auf dem Handrücken ist der Bringer. Herrlich. Und der Mann sieht guuut aus. Vor allem, wenn er lacht.
Siobhan68's avatar
Oh, vielen lieben Dank für den Kommentar und den Favoriten! Das ist aber ein schönes Kompliment! :aww:

Lachend mag ich ihn auch voll gerne, doch so entspannt ist er nur ganz selten. Selbst lächelnd male ich ihn selten. Mein grumpy Elf :love:
Das hast Du sicher schon in seiner Galerie gesehen...

Vielen Dank auch für den Watch. Da kann ich nur hoffen, daß Du magst, was mir so von Zeit zu Zeit in den Kopf kommt.
Inianna's avatar
Das hoff ich auch :D Aber echt, da bin ich unbesorgt.
Und ja, ich hab mir natürlich Deine Galerie angeschaut - was glaubste, was den Watch verursacht hat? ^^
OrestesImagined's avatar
Why am I reminded of the movie "Dead Ringers"? Lol. Nice work...I must most respectfully admit that it's not my cup of tea but I still appreciate your skill. :)
Siobhan68's avatar
Thank you so much for the nice comment! :aww:
*Blushes* I love that he's laughing here. This is way better then seeing like some of the torture ones. It's a lot of fun to look at. :) I would definitely explore that body. >:D 
Siobhan68's avatar
It IS much better and seeing Cronachan laughing is rare anyways. He is very stern and not really open.

I would love to explore his body too. Helmorui are very sensitive and so, even if he would never admit it, he loves being caressed :)
I bet I could make him laugh and smile more, hehehehehehe XD 
Siobhan68's avatar
Thank you so much!
Lady-Xythis's avatar
Very clever! I love the expression. :D
Siobhan68's avatar
Awww, thank you for faving and the watch! I feel so flattered :aww:
Lady-Xythis's avatar
You're quite welcome! :D
Siolan's avatar
beautiful laugh!
Siobhan68's avatar
Thanks for the latest faves! :aww:

I am really happy you like Cronachan!
Siolan's avatar
Yeah We do! :D
He's kind of a superb boy too :p but that's not why I like that picture. :D
I agree that you did the right choice , both the picture and to share. :)
Nice to have some people out there who draw that much
and got some skillz in them 'ya. xD
I just love his laugh :)
we don't have a lot of him laughing  ,*cough* :p
Seeya :)
Siobhan68's avatar
Thank you so much!!!

Yup... One of Cronacjan's trademarks is him being stern. A genuine smile is very rare and real laughter... Almost non existent ;)
Hence there are more stern poctures of him... Or those where he smirks at best :aww:
This is beautiful :)
Btw, how does one pronounce Gronachan?
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