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Nude Jattari Commission

Finally, finally... the commission for my friend :iconbobmorane1712: is done!!! He requested an artistic nude picture of his favourite character Jattari. He plays this woman in the setting of Earthdawn.
Since the interesting woman with the tail and cat's eyes LOVES glittering things, I decided to place her on a sort of divan with many cushions. The deep, warm red is a nice contrast to her white skin. Somehow I thought of Ingres too, though I would never dare to compare myself to such an artist!
All the little details took forever and except the textures and patterns ALL is painted. All the gold took ages!
I especially love the chain on her belly. ;)
Dear Frank, I hope you enjoy what you get!
Sorry for the small size and the watermark, but this painting belongs Frank alone. I will load up close-ups though.

EDIT 23.03.2010:
Frank has put a 40cm x 60cm print of Jattari in a nice golden frame on the wall over his television. I'm sooo proud! :aww:
SECOND EDIT: I was featured here: [link] I'm sooo proud!!!


Thanks for several textures and patterns go to:
:iconpinkpanthress-stock: for
:iconinspyretash-stock: for
:iconemmaalvarez: for
Thanks for sharing!
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Aw... thank you so much! Yes... it took ages. And by now I am at least a bit faster ;)
PinkPanthress-Stock's avatar
Ah, why haven't I seen this before? :)
Great work, and it looks quite time consuming! Love it!
Wow!! Blows me away with the colour in this!!! You are just sooooo good!!
Awesome work!!!
Siobhan68's avatar
Thank you... for faving too of course!!!
Very welcome, such a beautiful & colourfull piece! I bet they were happy with it!
Hojji-san's avatar
I suddenly have the thundercats theme in my head
Siobhan68's avatar
ValdisValdemar's avatar
She looks way to good for clothes:: love:
Siobhan68's avatar
*purrs* Thank you! :aww:
I'm glad you like her enough to fav her! :heart:
ValdisValdemar's avatar
That's not all I like her enough to do :petting:
Gorgone's avatar
Ich lasse mal Taten sprechen.
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LunaticStar's avatar
Super pretty. The attention to detail in the background is super awesome. Super super super dooper.
Siobhan68's avatar
Thank you my dear! I hope you are feeling better!
TarielDendalos's avatar
Mjam,mjam ... grr...wuff... hechel... lechz..sabber...gulp...

Siobhan68's avatar
Hehe, das freut mich!!! Besser, als die Duschszene, oder?
TarielDendalos's avatar
Auf jedenfall!
Ist zwar auch mit Fell aber ... naja auf sowas steh ich halt auch eher^^
Siobhan68's avatar
Kann ich verstehen... :heart:
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Waaahhh..Couldn´t wait! It turned out just like I imagened and seeing the steps u took and all the Time and Effort is just :heart:
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Thank you!!!! :blowkiss:
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Jattari scratched me, said she belongs to nobody. Said she loves the jewels and all the silky stuff.

This is awesome. Stunned Silence!!!
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