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Inktober 12 Shattered

My dear friend YamiAsuka inspired me to parttake in the 'Inktober 2017 Challenge'. Not that I feel creative at all, but since it was so long ago she loaded something up and I was so happy to see her do so, I felt inclined to try it. It is a sort of thank you to her. Maybe I will come up with one or two decent things.

Inktober means... do something inked everyday of the month. :iconyamiasuka: goes by a prompt-list and I will try it too.
Beware my horrible inking and hatching skills ;) All done in an old sketchbook with yellowish pages and with inkpens, size roughly DinA5.
Oh... and to me INKtober means... INk. And nothing else. Since I have only black inkpens with me at the time, black and white it is.

Crappy photo is crappy. Just cut and enhanced a bit for loading it up.

No eplanation needed, I guess.

The prompt-list is:

1. Swift
2. Divided
3. Poison
4. Underwater
5. Long
6. Sword
7. Shy
8. Crooked
9. Screech
10. Gigantic
11. Run
12. Shattered
13. Teeming
14. Fierce
15. Mysterious
16. Fat
17. Graceful
18. Filthy
19. Clous
20. Deep
21. Furious
22. Trail
23. Juicy
24. Blind
25. Ship
26. Squeak
27. Climb
28. Fall
29. United
30. Found
31.  Mask
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davidanaandrake's avatar
Oh! I like this one! Something about the images in broken mirror glass, really hums with me. I love it! <3
Siobhan68's avatar
Thanks for faving! It really was the first thing that came to mind!
Euskelo's avatar
Very nice! I really like this take on the theme. :D
Siobhan68's avatar
Thanks for the compliment!
greendragon-gecko's avatar
Der ist klasse geworden!
Siobhan68's avatar
Vielen Dank für das Lob! :aww:
greendragon-gecko's avatar
^^ wegen dir hab ich es auch probiert :).
Siobhan68's avatar
Oh klasse! Da muß ich ja echt mal gucken!
Inianna's avatar
*sniff* No! Nonono! Nicht IHN! *Scherben zusammensetz* Hoffentlich fehlt keine. *schnieef*
Siobhan68's avatar
Aaach... der hält so einiges aus... Und es ist ja nur für den Inktober... Mein altes Bild *Battered* war da viel schlimmer...
JucchiShepherd's avatar
Soooo good! *0*

Ich hänge schon hinterher, hab verkackt. xD
Siobhan68's avatar
Ach quatsch! Mache einfach heute weiter oder setze aus, ist doch kein Wettbewerb!
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