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Guinea Pig Pattern

Quite a few people asked for the pattern of my beaded guineapigs [link]
Here you go! :)
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Ich wünschte ich könnte sowas v.v
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Was denn? Das Muster oder so ein Schweini fädeln? Das bekommst Du sicher hin!!! Einfach mal ausprobieren und sonst frage ruhig nach!
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So ein schweini fädeln ;A; Dass kann ich einfach nicht xD
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Schau mal nach Tutorials. Da gibt es echt einfache!
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danke schön, ich werd mal jacopp und lars basteln :-)
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Au ja, au ja, AU JA!!! ;)
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Cool, danke! Das muss ich echt mal ausprobieren ^^ Vielen Dank!
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Absolut gerne geschehen!!!
geht vor allem recht schnell und ist ein süßes Mitbringsel!!!
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You rock!

When I finally get round to restocking my beads and elastic (it's been a while!) I'd love to attempt this.
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Thank you!!!

I wish you good luck with the pattern! ;)
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that's awesome! my mom knows how so if I show her the pattern I bet she can teach me ^_^ thanks!
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You are more than welcome. In fact beading (or however this craft is called) is not so difficult but to write an english explanation... geee.... ;P
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yes it is called beading, and it seems like a difficult thing to explain without showing someone in person.
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* :heart:'s it a thousand times over*
thank you so much for taking the time to share the pattern!
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You are very welcome! I hope you can craft cute piggies now! Thanks very much for the fav and have much fun with it!!!

By the way... feel free to change the pattern to your liking!
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