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ATC: Silver Star (Part 2)
The Adventures of Team Chronicle
Episode 1-2: Silver Star
Half an hour had passed since the tiny bat left home. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Sure, he was timid, but what better way could there be to overcome that than by going out beyond the caves? The world outside sounded so wondrous and amazing in his momma’s stories, so there had to be a place somewhere for a small timid thing like him.
And yet there he was, being stared down by a creature with iron skin and a massive set of steel jaws, so terrified he couldn’t even fly. He could only cry out for help, and hope there was someone to hear him.
“Slow down, you maniac!” Walking on four legs was simple enough, so logically running should’ve been the same, but apparently it just wasn’t, because Vic kept falling way behind Aurora. She always slowed down to let him catch up, but it still pretty annoying.
“Would if I could, Sir Victor, but I fear that poor creature is in grave peril,
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ATC: Silver Star (Part 1)
The Adventures of Team Chronicle
Episode 1-1: Silver Star
It was midnight over the small town of Argent. The air was chilled, the sky lit by a full moon, as streaking lights zipped across the sky. A young, six-tailed vixen, with snow-white fur and a deep purple cape, stared in awe at the meteor shower, inching as close as she could to the stars without falling out the window. Most of them simply appeared and faded from the dark, but one streak of light kept going… Until it landed in a forest, with a deafening boom!
There was no time to lose. She slipped outside as quickly and quietly as she could, and ran toward the forest as fast as she was able. Time was fleeting, and there was none to ask permission.
Not terribly far into the forest, beside a small creek, the Vulpix found the fallen star. It had created a deep crater, wiping out whatever plants were unfortunate enough to be nearby. Eager, she crept into the crater. Her icy blue eyes widened when she saw what was at the
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There is a dragon in a cage
There is a dragon in a cage
People walk past him every day
And he's too scared to move when he sees them
They haven't done anything to him
And sometimes they give him treats
And they like to call him cute things
And a few have tried to pat him on the head
But when someone looks his way
He freezes up in panic and then
He hides in the farthest corner of the cage
There is a dragon in a cage
Though he desperately wants to get out
And he could escape without much trouble
He breathes fire hot enough to melt steel
His claws can tear through solid rock
He can make a small tornado with his wings
But he never has and never will
Because he doesn't know he can
Because he's spent his entire life in a cage
There is a dragon in a cage
On the side of a well-traveled road
He's been there for a long time
Longer than some of the people walking by
Nobody knows who put him there
Nobody knows where he came from
Nobody stops to ask either
Even when rain soaks him and thunder scares him
Even when he nearly fr
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 11 9
Mature content
Fallen-Prologue :iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 5 6
A Fox's Chronicle 10
Chapter 10: Slight Insomnia
... ... ...
I'm in that foggy place from before... Is this another dream?
“...Hello? Can you hear me?”
It’s not the voice from the last dream. This one sounds… kinda depressed, honestly. And… familiar? I… I know this voice. How do I know this voice?
“Um… Well, I just wanted to say I’m sorry.”
“Huh?” I look around for whoever’s talking, but see nothing.
“It’s my fault you’re somewhere you don’t want to be. So… I’m sorry.”
I run in some direction, hoping it’s toward this person. “Who are you?”
“...You forgot? Oh no… This is even worse than I thought… I’m sorry, I really am, but I’m out of time here.”
“Out of time? What are you…” Suddenly, I feel dizzy…
... ... ...

I jolt awake. Yeah, there's no way that was just a dream.
It's been a few days since the fire. A
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 5 19
LastShot-Chapter 1
Chapter 1~Faded Light
Niko woke up on a soft bed in a dark room. The only light was the glow of her eyes, and a computer that had been left on.
“Here we go,” she said to herself as she stepped out of bed. Her footsteps echoed on the way over to the computer. There was a text document on the screen.
“Hi. If you’re reading this, Niko, it means you’re back in the other world. Well, almost. You’re in-between worlds right now. Right on the edge, in fact. When you leave this room, you’ll be outside the Tower.
“I can’t talk to you directly right now. Sorry. I can only do that when you’re in the other world. That’s why I contacted you through your phone. We can talk like normal once you’re there. ...Well, relatively normal. You know what I mean.
“Talk to you later.
The computer turned itself off once Niko finished reading. That sort of thing didn’t really faze her, though. She murmured,
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 8 5
A few disclaimers, before we begin.
1-Please DO NOT read this unless you have already completed OneShot at least once. This story will contain massive spoilers in its premise alone.
2-Niko will be referred to as a female in this story. Niko's gender is, as far as I can tell, up to the player's interpretation, and I interpreted a girl.
3-The player character will be referred to as "Jack" in this story, because it's an extremely generic name, and also my name. It's a happy coincidence.
4-Once again, PLEASE DO NOT read this story if you ever desire to play OneShot and haven't already.
Without further ado, let's get this show on the road.
Chapter 0~Prologue
It had been a peaceful day in the village. It was sunny, but also windy, so Niko wore her scarf and cat-eared hat as she waded through the wheat field. She could've asked someone to drive her to and from the city, but it wasn't too long of a walk. Besides, she liked walking. Though, it was getting late,
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 7 23
He's On My Back by SinzutheGreat He's On My Back :iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 7 4
For Group Contest
In another time, the word was wild and untamed, infested with monstrous creatures and dotted with ancient labyrinths. While many were content to simply live and survive, there were those who would go out into uncharted lands. These were the heroes, the explorers, the hunters, and the treasure-hunters.
Two of these sorts were resting at a trading outpost right between two towns. One was tall and well-built, with short but wild crimson hair, wearing smooth steel armor and a red cape, and carrying a spear that matched her height. Her name was Flamme. The other was shorter and slim, with white hair which reached her waist, wearing a black scarf and white dress, with a simple bow slung on her back- but no quiver. Her name was Lumina.
Flamme was the daughter of a noble, but rejected a life of luxury for one of adventure. Lumina was born in a small, nameless village, and left to make a name for herself. They met not long after abandoning their former lives
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In a Blue Moon
Tick. Tick. Azure watched the seconds click down until class finally ended. He'd been at this school for about a week, and was surviving. He'd managed to avoid any drama so far, mainly by virtue of his quiet nature.
As he picked up his belongings, an excited voice called, "Hey Azure!"
"Hey, Percy," he replied. He wasn't quite sure if he would call Percy a friend, but it wasn't as if Azure disliked him. In fact, he felt a sort of connection since his first night here. Percy never mentioned those weird cult-looking guys, so it seemed to Azure like Percy had some secret life of his own.
"Hey, if you're not doing anything, is it cool if I hang at your place?" Despite Azure's uncertainty, Percy seemed to consider them friends.
Azure sighed, "Sorry, I don't think my Uncle'd be alright with it. Plus we're still getting moved in." It was just excuses. He liked when it was just him and his Uncle, since it was the only time he could be a dragon.
"Oh. Alright, next time, then." Percy st
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A Fox's Chronicle 9
Chapter 9: Ongoing Struggle
Just to clarify, everything is still on fire. Emerald's carrying Aurora and running through, I'm following her, and Echo's riding along in my hood. The actual heat isn't too much of a problem; Apparently, Emerald can make "Light Screens" that block energy, and they're exponentially boosting the odds that we actually survive this. What I'm worried about is if Emerald can stay standing. I don't know what that pink lightning stuff is, but I can tell it hurts her. It's sort of like when Aurora breathed fire that first time, so I'm half-expecting her to just pass out. And if she does... A-anyways, no time to think about that, gotta keep running!
It's hard to tell where we're going. I'm not going to act like I knew the layout of the forest in the first place, but everything looks the same. As in, everything's practically invisible behind all the fire, and all this smoke in my eyes isn't helping. I can still see, but my eyes just sting, and all the brightness
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 4 15
Blue Scales, Blue Skies
For MagicalTF's Contest
The young man scanned the faces staring at him, barely listening to the voice next to him telling the same speech he'd heard countless times. This was somewhere around the fifteenth time he'd switched schools. He was used to being something of an outcast at this point. His looks didn't help; Black jacket, neon-blue shirt, black jeans... He looked like he'd jumped out of a cartoon. Plus, spiky blue hair was never 'normal'. Of course, it wasn't like he ever wanted to be 'normal', but constantly being looked at as an outsider wasn't very pleasant either.
"Could you tell the class your name?"
"Huh?" The question directed at him snapped the young man out of his introspection. "Oh, I'm... Azure," he said in a small voice.
...This might've been the first time nobody laughed at his oddly fitting name. Of course it was fitting, he picked it out for himself.
The speech went on a bit more. The teacher asked if the class wanted to ask anything, and as usu
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 25 27
A Fox's Chronicle 8
Chapter 8: Flash Fire
The forest is on fire. All I can see is fire, all I can hear is fire, all I can smell or taste is fire... That... last part sounds weirder than I meant. Point is, fire everywhere. It's freaky. Probably gonna have nightmares about this.
"You here, Vic?" Emerald shakes me a bit. "Please tell me this isn't a trauma trigger or something, we don't have time for a flashback!"
I jolt out of staring death in the face. "Y-yeah, I'm fine. Other than, y'know, THAT."
"Good." She takes a knee to be eye-level with me. "Vic, Aurora, Echo, go back in the cave. Don't leave until I come back."
"Come back," I repeat.
Aurora steps forward. ...She looks exhausted. Probably the freaking INFERNO right in front of us. "L...Lady Emerald... Where are you going?"
"I think I know what started this fire, and I'm going to stop it," she says grimly serious.
Echo peeks out of my hood. "Y-y-y-you d-d-don't m-mean..."
"Oh, I do mean." She takes off her glasses. ...And I can see those freaky scars
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 5 9
A Gijinka's Chronicle by SinzutheGreat A Gijinka's Chronicle :iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 2 8
A Fox's Chronicle 7
Chapter 7: Newcomer
... ... ...
...I'm somewhere... foggy. I can't really see anything...
"Hee hee hee..." A voice? Is someone else here? "Is that how you're gonna deal with everything? Run away, and hope someone else will bail you out?"
"Who's there?" I whirl around. I see some shape in the fog, but I can't really make out any details.
"Let's say... a friend. And your friend wants you to find a less boring solution to your next problem! Hee hee hee!"
I growl, "Shut up."
The voice keeps giggling. "Well, whatever you want, friend! See you later!"
... ... ...
I jolt awake. Was that a dream...? Something seems weird about it... Oh well. It's probably not important.
We still haven't left Mirror Mountain. We set up a little camp by Echo's cave, so we can rest up before making the trip back to town. I'm not complaining. It took a while to get this far, and I guess Emerald's saving those crazy magic berry things for injuries.
Emerald and
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 6 9
A Fox's Chronicle 6
Chapter 6: The Cave Dragon
"You can't hide forever," that monster hisses before blasting yet another laser. It's getting quicker and closer each time... But I've been able to dodge all of them so far.
I run along a wall. There has to be a way out of this cave, right? I got in here, so I can get out! Just feel along the edge, and... Aha! There's an opening! I sprint through, and-
Gah! Dammit! There's a million tiny flying things swarming around, and I just ran into them, and they're just slamming into me and pushing me back and biting and screeching as loud as they can!
"He's over here, Momma!" "He's trying to run away, Momma!" "Get him now, Momma!"
While I'm overwhelmed by all the smaller things, a set of hard, sharp claws lifts me up. Now I'm close enough to the monster to sort of make out its face through the darkness. It... It looks sort of like a bat, but mostly like a dragon. "Hee hee hee... Why sssuch a hurry? You're the one who came into our hom
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 5 13
My gallery. You'll find transformation stories, fanfics, and the occasional drawing in here.

Random Favourites

(This story contains TF and TG and certain slightly more anthro-ized versions of video game characters. If your waifu/husbando is in danger then look away immediately. If not then enjoy~)
“Heeeeey party people!” the devil herself stormed in. Or at least that was who might as well have allowed herself into his home that day.
Felix sighed, rolling his chair back and pulling off his headphones as he looked at his vastly unwanted guest from across the living room. “I’m the only one here, Lily.” he said simply, very clearly unamused from her intrusion.
Lily, or rather Liliana as her name was officially, stood there with the same smirk she always had at times like this. She was a fairly pretty lady if the way she dressed didn’t distract or put one off. Her jet black hair was as messy as always and her skin as clear and rosey as usual. She had a fairly average figure for a young woman her age, and of cou
:iconkparote22:KParote22 25 3
Textbook Transformation
(Girl to Ferret)
Heather smiled as she looked at the small glowing orb between her hands. It was her latest work, a testament to her progress with her new master. She was a witch, and this was a magical lodestone she’d created for today’s practice.
The textbook her mentor had given her was quite explicit that she needed this. It was supposed to be an anchor of sorts, allowing her to return to her original form at any time. It was good advice, but that’s what she had come to expect from the textbooks on transformation.
Today, she was finally going to put this knowledge to use; going to change herself for the first time. With her lodestone prepared, there was almost nothing that could keep her from perfectly changing her form.
“Hey, Heather! Heather! Are you ready yet?”
Heather winced, turning her head to look at the familiar brown-furred ferret bouncing into her room. She still wasn’t quite used to have a companion yet, but the bonding process had ens
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 39 10
Daffy Dark by Sephiroth7734 Daffy Dark :iconsephiroth7734:Sephiroth7734 137 33 Master Lola by Sephiroth7734 Master Lola :iconsephiroth7734:Sephiroth7734 181 13 Master Xelmer by Sephiroth7734 Master Xelmer :iconsephiroth7734:Sephiroth7734 120 20 Hare to the Throne by Sephiroth7734 Hare to the Throne :iconsephiroth7734:Sephiroth7734 140 23 ShinyRaltsGirl? by xTheShinyMewGirlx ShinyRaltsGirl? :iconxtheshinymewgirlx:xTheShinyMewGirlx 3 11 A Mewtworb TF Page 14 by TFSubmissions A Mewtworb TF Page 14 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 158 14 A Mewtworb TF Page 13 by TFSubmissions A Mewtworb TF Page 13 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 134 19 A Mewtworb TF Page 12 by TFSubmissions A Mewtworb TF Page 12 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 127 0 A Mewtworb TF Page 11 by TFSubmissions A Mewtworb TF Page 11 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 130 7 A Mewtworb TF Page 10 by TFSubmissions A Mewtworb TF Page 10 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 134 4 A Mewtworb TF Page 9 by TFSubmissions A Mewtworb TF Page 9 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 134 4 A Mewtworb TF Page 8 by TFSubmissions A Mewtworb TF Page 8 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 136 6 A Mewtworb TF Page 7 by TFSubmissions A Mewtworb TF Page 7 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 140 4 A Mewtworb TF Page 6 by TFSubmissions A Mewtworb TF Page 6 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 134 5
Stuff I like. 'Nuff said. ^^



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Hi! I'm Jack! I'm something of an aspiring author. I've been writing for almost four years now, so... I've had practice, and I think it's payed off.

Most of my stuff here is transformation stuff, but lately I've been doing a lot of Pokemon and Undertale fanfiction. So, if any of those appeal to you, stick around maybe?

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Commishes are 50 points apiece, in case you were wondering. More info can be found here: Commission Rules (Update-3/9/2014)If you want a commission, here's the stuff I'll need:
The subject. Be it you or an OC, I need to know who I'm transforming. Personality is a must, physical description and background help.
The result. I need to know what you want a TF into, for obvious reasons. This also includes mental changes.
The general plot. At minimum, just a setting. But if you want, you can give me an entire synopsis. Although I'd rather you leave me a nice amount of room to work in...
The trigger. What causes the change in form. Anything's fine, but I don't like 'being the chosen one' or 'it's your destiny' or worst of all 'it was your true form all along'. Seriously, don't do that third one if you want a TFTG.
Any other characters. Be it a mad scientist, a mage, a ruler, a best friend, a Pokemon companion, make mention of it unless you want me to decide on my own wether you're a loner or not.
What I won't do-
Human-to-human TF. I can understand you if you want to becom


I Cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!if you can raed tihs rpsoet it. OLNY PUT THIS ON YOUR PRILOFE IF YOU CAN RAED TIHS. CNAHGE THE NMUERBR AT TOP TGOHUH, "ONLY __ PEOPLE ON DA CAN READ THIS...CAN YOU?" Go up a nmuber if you can raed it...lte's see how hgih we can get!

Contest Entrants-
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Mature Content


Submission- The Magician's Assistant's CostumeThe Magician's Assistant's Costume
transformation story
As Marley left the train, her reception committee, aunt Angela and her husband Gregor, were already waiting and a wide smile appeared on the girl's freckled face. The sixteen-year old bolted over the platform, doing her best to imitate a bouncy ball. "Auntie! Gregor!" she cried out, pony-tailed blond hair flying behind, and flung her arms around her aunt's neck. 
"Easy, girl!" Angela, a quite attractive woman still short of forty, replied laughing, her husband grinning at the scene, but she returned her niece's powerful hug. "Do you want to kill me?" 
Marley smiled. "Never!" she exclaimed, "You're my favorite aunt, after all. But I'm SO excited! That's going to be the best two weeks of my life, accompanying you on your tour!" 
Her aunt chuckled

Other Works- Grandma's SecretGrandma's Secret
transformation story
Groaning, Jack let his aching body fall on his bed. He'd helped his uncle for hours carrying Great Grandma's stuff from her adjacent cottage into the farmstead's large attic. Great Grandma had died three months earlier, but Jack already didn't remember her well anymore. 
He'd often visited his uncle's farm during his holidays, but he'd seldom interacted with his ancient relative. While uncle and his wife were living in the farm's big ranch, where Jack even had his own room while he was visiting, Great Grandma had lived withdrawn in her old, tiny cottage. It had even lacked modern heating and fluent water, but the old lady had thrown a fit each and every time her grandson had tried persuading her into moving to the farmstead. 
She'd even grown her own vegetables and f
A Magical Coming of AgeA Magical Coming of Age
transformation story
"So..." Svenja asked her friend Chloe as she put down her coffee pot, "Now you can surely tell us the real reason you have invited us over." 
The addressed woman, a tall red-head, eyed her petite, blonde friend with feigned indifference. "Really?" she asked innocently. "Why do you think that? Maybe I just wanted to meet you girls again, we're all attending different colleges and don't see ourselves that often after all." 
Svenja snorted amused. "Oh, please." she said, "For how long do we know each other? This is the first time ever you have invited us over for coffee. I didn't even know that you had a coffee brewer! So there's obviously something you want and which you don't like to discuss in public. Am I right or am I right?"
Chloe smiled

Other Works-:thumb433984984: :thumb444624347:

Visual Division
Submission- Dedede TF by SmartLuxray
Other Works- Eeveelution TF RP by SmartLuxray Abra TF by SmartLuxray

Other Works-:thumb444944912: :thumb428626534:

Submission- Gaw Gaw Tf by Joltink
Other Works- Nothing Cures Better Than Music by Joltink Green Gum Tf pg 2 by Joltink

Been a while, huh? Well, I'm still alive and doing stuff.

I would like to announce that tomorrow I'll be posting the first part of a new series:
"The Adventures of Team Chronicle"

This is the reboot of "A Fox's Chronicle" I've been working on. Honestly, the main reason it took this long to post was because I was constantly dissatisfied with the introduction and kept restarting from scratch. And also because I've had my free time consumed by Xenoblade Chronicles and Persona 5

The part I'm posting tomorrow is the first part of what I'll call the "pilot episode". It'll likely be 2-3 parts total, and will introduce the main cast and setting. It's roughly equivalent to the first three chapters of the original "A Fox's Chronicle" with some added stuff and a bit more focus. I can't say for sure when later parts will be posted, but I'll try to get at least the entire pilot episode done at a reasonable pace.

I hope you all enjoy it!


My heart is about to explode from the Ori 2 trailer plz send help


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