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To all my digital artists friends wishing for a cintiq, but hating it's crazy pricetag - The Yiynova MSP19U tablet monitor is back in stock on Amazon. I haven't used it personally, but it's been getting great reviews for the past months (which explains why it's been continuously sold out for all this time) and is highly recommended by the awesome artist Frenden. Plus it's only $600 compared to the cintiq's $2K. I snagged one for myself, so I'm hoping it lives up to the hype.
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MoonDog Update. The new strip is technically part of page one, so I just updated the original submission. Read it here:

MoonDog website
Tumblr (Add this to your RSS feed for automatic updates)

Apologizes for no new art and bad communications this week (and probably the next). Looking for my next gig so that means I'm doing board tests now. Those can take a couple of days to a week. Time to write, write, write... draw, draw, draw...
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New Moon Review

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Just a quick poke to point out that MoonDog has started up again with a brand new comic. I've also added an older story called "Molesville" that hasn't been online since I first started drawing the strips and I've revamped the site somewhat. I'm not yet sure if I'll upload every page from the comic onto DA, but you can check it all out every Monday on the main site or follow me on my sketch blog.

Let me know if you run into any issues and thanks for reading everyone!
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So after a three year spiral into online hermitry, I decided to fire up the old DA account and look around. Unfortunately, three years means a mailbox with a message count in the thousands. To everyone who's favorited, watched and commented after all this time - Many belated thank yous and humble apologizes. It's going to be impossible for me to reply to every one, but they are all highly appreciated. A quick skim did show that there were two questions repeated by a number of people, so I'll just address them here.

1. "Can I color it?"
Sure. I generally don't have a problem with anyone coloring my lineart. I just ask for you to be respectful about it and give credit to my work. So, no claiming it as yours and no sales of your version. A link back to the original peice with a mention of my name is perfect.

2. "Can I get a tattoo of this?"
Wow! I'm trying to think of the reasoning for an artist to say no to this. Probably because I'm always honored when anyone asks. Plus trying to keep someone from doing it seems a little 'thought police-y' for my taste. So short answer - "Yes! Thank you! I'd love to see a picture when it's done because - WOW!"

Now, to anyone who hasn't given up on me by this point, I do hope to update again. So, PLANS!

1. Storyboards - This is actually what I go to work to do every day for 40 to 80 hours a week and I realize I have NONE in my gallery, which frankly is kinda stupid. This will be rectified.

2. MoonDog - A new story is inked and being colored. Unfortunately, I noticed it references an incredibly OLD comic I never put online. That means you will be getting TWO stories in the future. One of them will just look like crap because I drew it 13 years ago.

3. New comic - A long form sci-fi story featuring a very old character in new reimaginings. Script's still being polished, but I can share WIP till it's ready for the light of day.

Alrighty! Now that we're at TL;DR status, I'll sign off. Once again, many thanks. And feel free to give me the kick in the ass I deserve.
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