New Moon Review 2

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By sinyx
MoonDog Update. The new strip is technically part of page one, so I just updated the original submission. Read it here:

MoonDog website
Tumblr (Add this to your RSS feed for automatic updates)

Apologizes for no new art and bad communications this week (and probably the next). Looking for my next gig so that means I'm doing board tests now. Those can take a couple of days to a week. Time to write, write, write... draw, draw, draw...
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late to the party but OH MY GOD i can not tell you how stupid happy it makes me to see the moondog comic come back.
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Jenn! Awesome to hear from you again. I was getting the feeling everyone I knew from way back when had deserted these parts. You didn't happen to give Moon a shout out over at FA, did you? I had a massive influx of visitors today and couldn't see the referral since I never signed up there, but when I saw the name 'Pac', you're the first one I thought of. If so, that was pretty f'ing sweet of you. Tons of thanks coming your way. Plus, glad to hear Moon's re-arrival's well received. What've you been up to? You still talk to Frank V?
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heh, yeah i sure did! i was pleasantly surprised to see how many folks remember moondog. :) even did some fan art over livestream last night, i'll be posting it later.

and yeah! we try to see frank and angie as much as we can, though it hasn't been that much lately. that needs to change, we need to get out of the house more, heheh!
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Wow, that's nice to hear! Once I realized how long it had been since the last strip, I kinda figured it fell off of everyone's radar. It's been really cool seeing old friends and readers pop up again. And if there's actually Pac Moon fanart in existence, I'll freak out of sheer joy.

Saw Frank and Angie a couple months back too. Ryie's adorable and I'm not even a kid person. But yeah, I get you... feels like all I'm doing lately is working (and not even on my own stuff), so suck. Even when it's for cool projects, it can wear on you when you realize how unbalanced your life is.
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It's good to see you back on MoonDog, Kim. I'm a longtime reader. I'd comment on the official site or tumblr but Disqus hates my browser. Looking forward to future strips.
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I remember your handle! Many thanks for sticking around and reading.
Hopefully, Moon can keep amusing.
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