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To all my digital artists friends wishing for a cintiq, but hating it's crazy pricetag - The Yiynova MSP19U tablet monitor is back in stock on Amazon. I haven't used it personally, but it's been getting great reviews for the past months (which explains why it's been continuously sold out for all this time) and is highly recommended by the awesome artist Frenden. Plus it's only $600 compared to the cintiq's $2K. I snagged one for myself, so I'm hoping it lives up to the hype.
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Also the huion gt-190 19" 

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So now that you've had it for a while, how has the product been working for you? Is it comparable to the Cintiqs and worth the price, or has it lead to any issues worth mentioning?
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I'm interested to hear how well the Yiynova holds up to the Cintiq. It'll be nice once Wacom finally has to deal with competitive prices. I love working with my Cintiq, but it's definitely not a lightweight investment.

Rumor is that there will be a Cintiq tablet pc coming out this summer. They want to make a tablet powerful enough to run programs like photoshop and ZBrush, and appeal to the pro-digital artist demographic. I noticed a coworker of mine using ZBrush on the Microsoft Surface Pro, and it was running smoothly -- so I guess Wacom wants to give Microsoft some competition there.. it'll probably only cost as much as a yacht. :ohnoes:
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I'm really curious of that myself. I have the smaller 12w cintiq at home and have used the larger ones at work, so at least I have something to compare it to. I just need something larger than the "portable" (Haha! Right, wacom) since I'm using storyboard pro more for the job and that needs more real estate space to not be infuriating to use.

It's good to see wacom finally have some competition though. Hopefully, all of these new alternatives will make for lower pricing and faster innovation. I still would love a portable option, so I'm interested in what wacom's going to come out with (and how it compares to the current options). I bet you're right about the pricing though. Sigh.