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Randy Cunningham 'McFists of Fury' Storyboard

By sinyx
A short animatic clip from the "Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja" episode "McFists of Fury" that I did storyboards for. In this scene, Randy finally finds out his arch nemesis is actually Hannibal McFist, Norrisville's lovable gazillionaire.

Directed by Mike Milo, edited by Tommy Meehan and written by Hugh Webber. Ninja awesomeness created by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas.
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FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Hey awesome work here no kidding! Great animations! Keep at it alright? Watching your animations is awesome! I posted some animations too on my channel if you wanna take a look~ I'd love for some feedback^^
Jizzabel's avatar
Interesting! Nice Animatics!
ZendPixie's avatar
Ohhhh shitttt that was awesomeeeeee

And Randy sound so mature tho
Blitzwin's avatar
That was so bruce. Pretty much the brucest thing ever
Reahal's avatar
OMG,it just fine Oops! Crying Love Markiplier's Epic Dance! #2 50x50 Gif
Ad1er's avatar
just got into the series (it's trending now in Hungary) and already fell in love with the moves, the dynamics. even the characters' anatomy fits for the whole thing. oh, and the villains :D love them.
same thing with storyboards, I also wanted to be an animator..and I have some animations already, it's such a big work if you make the sketch and the inking alone.
btw, as an animator, how much did it take for you to draw/sketch one frame- for example Randy in the crowd? just curious
comic001's avatar
esta muy cool, no tendras otro?
ChibiGirl489's avatar
I feel bad for Randy :(
Allietheporkupine's avatar
So cool so cool SO COOLLove 
This was so AWESOME!!!!!!!!
AlaxanderBind's avatar
Oh, I'm so jealous. This is really great. You've really got dynamic shots and you make it look so easy! I started watching this show and was blown away by the animation. I've been trying to get into this studio as an animator ever since. 
You guys did a great job :)
cuppycakekitty's avatar
this has made my day. thank you!
dis is so awesome!
Quoth143's avatar
I watched a few episodes today. Can't believe what I have been missing out on.
ElenaBandicoot's avatar
omg! me too! just when i heard of it! i really liked it! c:
darksonicsoul's avatar
love this! THis was my favorite part of the episode and this is one of my favorite shows ever!! XD
Nokama1993's avatar
OMG! I love it! That was one of my favorite scenes :la:
ASmeets95's avatar
This is so amazing! The scene's great, the characters are great and the voices are excelent! I wish I could do this! Love it :)
sinyx's avatar
Thank you! Great thing about Randy is that all the voice actors are excellent and bring so much more to the table than simply reading their lines, so there's a lot to work with when you're figuring out your acting.

And if you want to learn storyboarding, go for it! Study movies and people and practice, practice, practice. There's also the storyboard group here on DA for more samples and information, if you're interested. :meow:
ASmeets95's avatar
Indeed, that's what I like about voice actors :)
Thanks for the link :P
kimnarsete's avatar
I love this. It's sooo much fun!
sinyx's avatar
Thanks! Randy's a fun one to work on.
LouHolsten's avatar
Love the action in this scene. Great poses!
sinyx's avatar
Thanks! I hadn't done a lot of action stuff before this show, so I tried to stretch my wings on it whenever possible.
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