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Asuka x Shinji

What happens at 3AM instead of sleeping.
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Aaaaa! This looks so cool!
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This is amazing!
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O////O I love asuka x Shinji well done :3 I luv it
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Heh heh heh.  Dem faces.

Like another commenter said, the pose is interesting and gets the Asuka-Shinji dynamic down well.  Background's interesting too; like some kinda VR grid or something.

I'd say sleep was a fair price to pay for this.
ship em!

PS is there a guy who can help me go legioning?
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Poor Shinji....Love your version of them.
Have you ever drawn the EVA's?
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He's so emo. Never drawn the evas themselves. Just rewatched 1.0 of the rebuild last night and it's tempting to tackle it. Such awesome designs.
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I'd love to see you take them on with the style you use here.
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Maybe I'll it it a shot one day. Hopefully, I find the time after board deadlines.
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I like the angle in which you did this pic. I also really like the expression you gave to Asuka! ^^
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Thanks! I thought the aerial view would accentuate the relationship between the two. I still think Shinji's proportions look a bit wonky though. I need to practice perspective distortion on anatomy more.
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I guess you're in good company. :D
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We should combine forces. Neon Genesis Sharkgelion.
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The world would cease to exist.
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We'll make Pen Pen the hero. See, it all goes back to penguins. This is just fated to happen.
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Weirder things must've been made.
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